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Halloween - Thanksgiving Banner

The project today came to life just after finishing my last post ---> the drawer that was turned into a basket, you can check that project right HERE.
Since my basket was inspired by those old berry picking baskets, big handle and all, as soon as I finished with all the painting and was ready to take the final pictures, I began looking for berry baskets to place in the basket for the photo shoot. I went to my closest grocery stores but couldn't find any. :(

Then, I remember the other day I saw several vegetable crates in the back parking lot of a close by restaurant, so, I headed there to pick one of the crates and make my own berry baskets.

At home, the crate was disassembled...

And with two pieces of folded wood I began creating the baskets. I was planning on having at least five baskets out of one crate but hah, the pieces kept on braking, they didn't fold nicely, they simple broke apart! As a last resort I went looking for tape to keep them secured. :/

Only three discombobulated baskets made it to the shoot!

Once the pictures were taken, I was ready to send the little baskets to the trash, but then the hoarder in me began telling me...That's wood! What else can you make out of it? And that's when the banner was born.

The 4¼" square pieces of wood are the perfect size to pair up with colorful paper and burlap ribbon. Since the banner is going to serve two purposes, choose three similar sheets of paper for each side.

The 3" square pieces of paper can be cut and glued to the wood planks, print the words Halloween (Font: Evil of Frankenstein), and Give Thanks (Font: Orniste), cut them out and glue them on top of the paper squares.

Finally, drill two holes to the top of each piece of wood and pass the ribbon thru them.

Eleven pieces are needed -Halloween is only 9 letters, but leave two blank spaces at each end.

Give Thanks is only 10 letters, but with the space in between the two words it makes 11.

When gluing the letters on each square remember that the first letter or space on one word needs to have on its back the last letter of the other side word and so on.

The best part is, you can use the paper you like, or even the words you like.

But the best best is having two Holiday banners in just one!

Check how it looks on my Halloween Mantel HERE.


  1. Hola Cristina querida ! Que buena idea la de ocupar toda la madera sobrante , me gusto mucho como quedo esa litografĂ­a en la guirnalda

  2. Fantastic! Your home is FALL ready dear!

  3. Awesome idea :) and that banner looks amazing! so stylish and beautiful decoration.
    Domestic cleaners Battersea

  4. Very cute. I love it. :). Perfect for fall.

  5. This is too cute! What great ideas! Would love to have you join us and link this up at the first Pretty Preppy Party this week (now thru next Thurs). Your awesome projects links up to 5 blogs! xx, b

  6. This is so cute! The paper and font is perfect.

  7. And I loved your baskets....but that banner is so cute and festive! Way to recycle Cristina!

  8. How very cute, Cristina! You are way ahead of me! I haven't even dug my Fall out yet and you are working on Halloween. Love it! xo Diana


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