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Table Makeover

painted desk

I bought this table about 8 or 9 years ago at Target. I was trying to give my bathroom more storage so, a long narrow table with drawers was the perfect solution. After assembling it and bringing it to the bathroom I discovered it was too big, too wide for the room :(

I didn't return it, it stayed in my bedroom for a couple of years. Then, it went to the family room, then the living room before it found its way to the office. This is how it looks right now.
Painted desk

But this is the way it looked like three months ago in the same spot in the office.

While I was working in the office, I brought it temporarily to my son's room, hmm he wasn't happy. When he noticed that the office or now guest room was almost complete, he requested the table to be taken out of his room, it made his room crowded and he had already bumped his feet a few times with it.
I completely forgot I had that table, in fact I was looking for a table to put the old computer on. So, as soon as I took it out of my son's room it went straight to the garage. The color had to be changed to better fit in the new guest room.
How to transform a table with paint

I was doing so many things for the office/guest room makeover during those days that I didn't remember to take pictures. Anyways it was pretty simple.

The most important thing was to sand it very well, at least the top, since I wasn't going to paint the top.
The legs and drawers were roughly sanded, I think I didn't even need to sand them because I was going to use homemade chalkpaint, but those surfaces looked so smooth and shiny I went ahead with the sander so the paint would have a better adhesion.

Three coats of homemade chalkpaint, the same I'm always using, you can find the recipe HERE. Once dry, two coats of clear wax were applied all around, top, drawers and legs. Buffing afterwards.

desk makeover

The old drawer knobs didn't look good any longer. I found these three black ones at The Home Depot for only 97 cents a piece and changed them slightly with a good'ol Sharpie.

painted desk

Once done, it was brought back to its place, where I think it's going to stay for a while.

Office space in a small guest bedroom with old window board

It completes the small office space within the guest room. And of course, here is the before and after. ;)

desk transformation with paint

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  1. Ahhhh amiga eres realmente una genia pintaste los tiradores con un lápiz !!! Pero que gran idea me has dado!!

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon and totally recovered. I Love homemade chalkpaint, they are fantastic.
    compact Desk Design

  3. It almost doesn't look the the same desk Cristina!!!!! You are true magician!

  4. I had no idea you could transform a factory finish like that. Great job. It's so cute.

  5. Fabulous makeover!! The white really makes it look a lot fresher and bigger!

  6. I like wood, but that looks so much better in white!

  7. It turned out so great! It looked so heavy before the white. Amazing what a little elbow grease and vision can do!

  8. Love your back-to-school board and work station!!!!! Pinned

  9. The curved legs are super fun! And the sharpie hack is awesome! I'm saving that in my bag of tricks!

  10. Amazing what a little imagination will do. I would have never thought to use a Sharpie for such projects. Thanks for the idea! :)

  11. Love this piece and the knobs are fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  12. I really love how you brightened the knobs. Such a clever trick.


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