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Tribal Designs Teacher Gift with Sharpie

This year was no different than the ones before, my kids couldn't wait to go shopping for back to school. Though, this year we waited until August, and that's very late for us. I remember buying back to school supplies as early as June because they were afraid to return from Summer vacation to empty shelves. :)

Well, a trip to Staples was all we needed to check off all the items on their supply lists, but I went ahead and enjoyed my time checking all the varieties they have on Sharpie products, I love working with them, com'on who doesn't like Sharpies?! I've used them in many of my projects like in thisthis, this, this, and many more.

As soon as my daughter saw my assortment of Sharpies in the shopping cart she came with the idea of giving some of them as a present to some of her teachers. It's funny, she is now a senior in high school and she still wants to bring something to her teachers. Contrary to my son, he doesn't want to bring anything to anybody and he's being like that since he was in second grade. He is an old soul, they are so different!

The supplies for this project are easy:

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The pencil holders were one dollar finds, they have horizontal lines that were helpful to create the designs.

This project was a collaboration between my daughter and me. She was the one to come up with the tribal, Aztec design, using the gold Sharpie was also her decision, after all, these are her teachers gifts.

The firs step was to decide what to draw. On a piece of paper we created the designs we thought were the easiest to draw, that was also good practice before going onto the boxes. ;)

Then, with a steady hand we began by following the lines around the boxes.

And then, filling up each row with the designs we'd chosen.

We talked, we laugh and we watched tv while working on our project. She finished one of the holders, I did two. It was fun working together.

Once done, we filled them up with Sharpies...Because, as she says... "That's what my teachers use!"

Finally, a fun tag was added.

And now she can't wait to go back to school!

Hey, have you jumped on the tribal print bandwagon? We love it in gold but it surely looks great in black or any color, just grab a Sharpie and have fun!

*This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Hola Cristina ! Ahhh verdad que luego comienza el periodo por allla!! Linda y delicada idea amiga querida!!

  2. What a cute idea! I know teachers would love to have that gift.

  3. Fun! Love that you and your daughter worked together!

  4. Great designs you two and some pretty awesome gifts! Who doesn't love Sharpies!

  5. I can totally see my daughter doing this but as you said no not my son either. Boys! Love the intricate patterns and what a thoughtful gift.

  6. Too cute! I have a whole bunch of Sharpie for ME too, just to write my notes and stuff!

  7. Love these tribal pencil holders! I bought a pack of sharpies for myself too in all the pretty colors :) Can't go wrong with them!


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