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Make an Easy Tablecloth for any Occasion

It looks like I'm on a train with wooden spools!
They follow me. Wherever I am, there they are, or so it looks like.

A couple of week ago I went to Hancock Fabrics, I was bringing my daughter to meet some friends and since it was very close to this store, I decided to get in. As usual, I immediately headed to the back of the store for the clearance section.

What did I find there? Spools, rustic ribbon on wooden spools!  ;)

Their 6.99 price was marked down to 1.40.  I don't know what I like more, the stools or the ribbons.

I knew I was going to buy some of the spools so, my first thought was to use them on a tablecloth, that's why I also grab 2½ yards of this fabric (Quiltologie Coral), to pair them up.

I came home quickly, got the sewing machine and began my project, taking lots and lots of pictures with my phone.

The picture of how two side panels were added on each side of the main piece of fabric because the fabric had a width of only 45".

The picture of how the corners were rounded.

The picture of how all the edge of the fabric was folded upwards, placing the ribbon on it to create a beautiful ribbon edge!

Hey, did I tell you that most of those pictures were taken twice? Hmmm, sometimes that perfect shot doesn't come after the third or fourth try, too bright, too dark, too blurry...

The thing is, all those detailed pictures are gone! :(  Somebody took the card off my phone and puff the pictures disappeared! Or so, that's what they say.

Anyways, it was pretty easy and I know you can totally make a tablecloth like this, even without a sewing machine and all the detailed pictures that somehow disappeared.

The tablecloth was the one that reminded me to share with you the how to spray paint those old chairs.

Go to your nearest fabric store, grab some yards of fabric on your color of choice and create something you really want!

Here are some other DIY tablecloth ideas:

Have fun!


  1. That is a beautiful tablecloth! You made it look so easy. That burlap looks hard to sew though. I bought a sewing machine last year but it still scares me as I have fought with the tension for hours. The thread jumbles up in knots most of the time. But I will give it another try when winter gets here! Thank you for sharing! Dazee

  2. Oh, I heart you Greatfull Dazee! Somehow my sewing machine was playing a similar trick on me while working on this project, the stitches were way so close together or very little, I kept on adjusting the settings to make them bigger, it kinda worked but I need to go and check that issue. Work on spare pieces of fabric while you adjust the settings, don't give up!

  3. So pretty Cristina! I would keep the spools too for sure!

  4. I totally would have grabbed those spools too! Now I have to see what genius idea you come up with for the empties. I LOVE your choice of ribbon against your fabric! It really pops.

  5. Excelente trabajo, me ha encantado ese mantel para la mesa, es muy colorido y alegre

  6. Que cintas rústicas más bonitas , me encantaron su colorido!!! Y que baratas , que buena idea la de colocarla como borde de ese mantel

  7. That is such a fun and pretty tablecloth! What a great find with those wooden spools!

  8. Hmmm...gonna go to my Hancock Fabrics and see if they have some of those in the clearance section too! Very cute tablecloth! I had a very detailed project I was working on to post as a tutorial on my blog and more than half way through, I realized that the card was not in my pictures! Oh well I enjoyed having the object but could not do a good tutorial on it after that. You recouped better than me. I saw your post over at Savvy Southern Style's blog party.

  9. Son unas cintas preciosas, el contrate del rojo del mantel con el azul turquesa de la cinta le da un toque muy especial.

  10. I love just popping a length of fabric on the table as a cloth, (don't tell anyone but sometimes I don';t even hem it!)
    I feel your photo disappearing pain, somehow the shots I think I've taken are not always there - who knows what happens to them? My worst fail every was 20 years ago when my nephew was born, day 1 at the hospital I took loads of photos then realised - no film! Had to go back the next day for a re shoot!

  11. I just saw your post. Lovely creations! I found the short wood spools at Hancocks for 40 cents. I'm going back to see if they have more and some of the larger ones. Thanks!

  12. I'm in love with your tablecloth!!!


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