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Fall Decor with DIY Fall Signs

side of drawers are transformed or re-purposed into Fall signs - Fresh Apples - Pumpkin Seeds - Autumn
Decorating for the new season is very affordable when using signs, they look great as wall art, on a shelf, on the door, or just about anywhere you want to bring a pop of decor or color. Making a set of Fall signs like the ones I'm sharing with you today would take you a couple of hours painting them. But, you're going to have a set of signs to decorate your home for years to come!

I was cleaning the garage, bringing the tools back to where they belong which is good, because I finally found one measuring tape I really like and I was looking for it for months! It's the only one I have that gives me the measurements on the fractional read, 1/8 -1/4 -3/8-1/2.... I still get confused figuring out if 3/8 is bigger than 3/4 or is it the other way around?! Anyways, I found it and I'm happy.

I also wanted to begin organizing the many pieces of wood I have laying on the ground. :/  Every time I begin that task, a project immediately appears, this time was no exception.  I found these three pieces of wood. I like the dado cuts on their sides.
How to repurpose damaged drawers
I recently did a makeover to an old hutch which had a damaged drawer. Well, I replaced the damaged drawer for a basket and the parts of sad drawer were still laying around in the garage. That's when the idea of using those parts to make Fall signs appeared. The hardest part was deciding the words, fonts and colors to use. Lucky you,  they're all ready for you to download HEREHERE and HERE.

Autumn, Fresh Apples, Pumpkin seeds

The Materials and tools you'll need
  • 3 wooden boards (mine were 6" width x 21" long and 6" width x 16" long)
  • Printables found here, here and here.
  • Acrylic paints (white, orange, red, green, black)
  • Brushes (small paint brush and very small detail brushes to delineate the letters)
  • Graphite paper
  • Pencil
  • Painters tape
  • Palm sander or sand paper
  • Dark wax


Decide what boards you want to have a painted background on and paint them. I painted one completely, other, was taped off to create a border, and the last one was left alone. One of the painted boards was also given some brush strokes of orange paint after the white paint had dried.

Then again, some more brush strokes of white paint on top, lightly covering most of the orange.

Once dry and using the graphite paper, transfer the designs onto the boards. If you're using a soft wood you don't even need graphite paper, tracing the pattern by indenting the wood would work.

Having the designs on the wood means...
How to repurpose parts of a drawer

It's time to paint. Use a small flat artist brush to go along those lines, filling in those letters. It doesn't have to be perfect!
Autumn painted signs

They were almost done with only tracing along the lines and filling in.
Fall - Autumns signs to decorate with - Fresh Apples

But, creating some shadows with an even smaller brush or tracing around some of the letters with a plain black Sharpie, would make them look waaay better.
Fall signs to decorate with - Pumpkin seeds

The final step is to give them that good'ol feel. ;)
Using the palm sander distress them.
And finally, apply a light coat of dark wax.
Fall - Autumn signs to decorate with

I love how the wood texture shows through after sanding them.
Wooden signs for Fall

I didn't distress much the pumpkin seeds sign.  A long white paint mark was done by accident while painting the other boards. I think it adds to the overall rustic feel.
Autumn signs - Pumpkin seeds

Autumn signs to decorated with
Here on the wall:
Fall signs on chalkboard

Now I can't wait to decorate my home with these new cuties. Don't be afraid of painting the letters, give them a try! Besides, the distressing part kind of erases many of the mistakes done while painting.

Check how one of the signs look on my Fall Hutch right HERE.
Fresh apples signs on hutch

On my Fall mantel here:
fall decor with antique drawer as wall art

You can also check this other drawer repurpose project: A Desk Drawer turned Basket.
wooden drawer basket full of apples


  1. Love these signs! I like the technique you used as well.

  2. Love them! Always up for a painting craft!

  3. Love those. I just need to learn how to download and print the things.

  4. Me gusto mucho esos letreros otoƱales Cristina ! Y esa idea de pasar la lija para que las letras se vean desgastadas me encanta , buen trabajo amiga

  5. I love your fall signs! Your so kind to share the files!

  6. Cristina this is my kind of night time project (when I'm not sawing and building!). Love your signs and I'm so ready for Fall too.

  7. These are so cute! I will be sifting through my spare wood tomorrow to see what I can come up with.

  8. Too cute! Awesome signs!
    House on the Way

  9. Like I always say Cristina, you can sell these things in a heartbeat! Love it!

  10. Those are adorable! I love them. Your painting is amazing.

  11. I am SOOOO excited! THANK YOU Cristina! I have the old drawer sides from this project....
    I tossed them in my garden cubby because I hate to toss old mahogany, but had NO idea what to do with them! Now I do...this is exactly why we need blogs...INSPIRATION!!!!

  12. Thanks Beck! I love the way you repursposed those drawer fronts, beautiful!

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  14. Cristina, these signs are beautiful Great project and tutorial. I just had to pin this post for future reference. Very pretty!

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  16. I copied your signs Christina and they came out fabulous! Thank you so much. I will link to you so others can visit your site :) Susan

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    Shelly @

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  20. Christina, these are just great! I work with ape every day and never think to use it in this way. For me, getting the art on the wood is the easy part but I'm intimidated by the distressing. I must try it one day. Very inspired by this... :-) Love your hutch too! (I'm new, so hadn't seen it before.)


  21. OMG - LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful look. Great project Cristina!

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