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DIY - Wire Spool Desk Organizer

I was working in the garage and while in all the cleaning and organizing going on in there, I decided to begin doing something with all these spools. They're taking up a good amount of space and keep on getting in my way, driving me nuts.  :/

The idea of an organizer came up after finding a Lazy Suzan mechanism at a thrift store, I bought it thinking about another project but then, while looking at the spools in the garage and putting the two of them together, they fit so perfectly that the organizer was born! :)
This is how it was done.

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The materials and tools you'll need

  • Wire Spool (mine has a diameter of 14½" and its height is 7½")
  • 6 - ½" Plywood divisions to fit inside the spool
  • Lazy Suzan mechanism
  • Corner molding to create the tray edge
  • 1 -¼" Plywood board to fit inside the tray edge
  • ¼" Hardware cloth to fit around the spool (mine was about 4' x 3¼")
  • Stapler
  • Sander
  • Scissors
  • Gaffers or Duct tape
  • Wood glue
  • Shelf liner (optional)
  • Paint and brushes
  • Gloves and safety glasses

Cut the ½" Plywood divisions to fit nicely inside the spool.

In order to cover the nuts protruding on the top part of the spool, a tray was built out of some corner molding left from this project, and a plywood board.  -I think you can also use a picture frame, sadly the picture frames I had were either too big or too small for the space-

Do a pre-fit before sanding and painting everything white or on your color of choice.

Trace the circular pattern on the shelf liner (I use the liner left from this project), and cut around the shape. Place the liner on the inner lower part of the spool.

It's now time to install the dividers. Drive two or three staples on each divider from the top and bottom of the spool (below picture), and try positioning them in an equidistant way (hmmm mine are not that equidistant). ;)

Staple the tray frame and base on the top of the spool, and try to cover most of the holes. A piece of shelf liner was also added to cover the base of the tray.

Do the same, but with longer staples, to attach the spool to the Lazy susan mechanism.

Finally, cover the top edge of the hardware cloth with tape and staple it all around the spool.

At this point, you're going to end up with this kind of transformation.

Wire spool transformed into a desk organizer

Once filled up, this is how it looks.

Big compartments for scissors, markers, pencils, seasonal stamps...

Oh, and some paper and peripherals on the tray.  ;)

The best part is: It spins all around!  This is a good project to utilize wood remnants.


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  1. What a great idea to keep all those little things close at hand. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
    Have a great week.

  2. So awesome Cristina! And I love that it spins, it is super cute! Did you just paint the tape on the hardware cloth to match? You are so cleaver, I am wishing I had some of those spools!

  3. That is so cute! I don't think I've ever seen spools that size before. I love the way you put it on a lazy susan too.

  4. OMG! another ingenious project Cristina! You are truly amazing!!!!!!

  5. Thank you so much ladies! Mindi, No, I didn't paint the tape, that's Gaffer's tape I love it, it comes in many colors red, black and white are my favorites ;) but what I like the most is how strong it adheres to just about any surface, it feels like cloth on the outside and it doesn't leave residue when its removed. Puff what a big commercial! ;) And no, this is not sponsored content!

  6. You are so creative! I would never have thought to make that out of a spool. It looks great!

  7. Hola Cristina !, Que buena idea hacer ese organizador se ese carrete Cristina ! Lindo trabajo

  8. This is perfect! You come up with the greatest ideas!

  9. You are so smart! I love what you did with your spools! XO

  10. This is so perfect, Cristina. I love the contact paper you were able to use too. I love it the entire project!

  11. Ok, this is SUCH an amazing project! I am so impressed!! Wow!

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