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Changes to my Girl's Room

It's been a blessing having a daughter, a girl to dress up in the cutest outfits, a girl to play all those girly things we used to play ourselves when we were young!  I've been having a great time decorating her room since she was a baby girl.

The only bad thing is I have no pictures of her nursery room.  That was in the old house.

When we moved to the new one I knew the first place in the house to be decorated was my precious little girl's room.

At the time she was so much into the series Dragon Tales, it was a no brainer what the room was going to be about.

I painted dragons, mountains, trees, and a castle all around.

It was lots of painting, but oh well, I had the time. 

The cookie tree still missing the cookies. My client nicely telling me where to put them.

Life continued and when the new addition to the family, baby boy, was almost here, I changed this room into a baby blue nursery, and big sister went to a bigger room.

The bigger room was decorated for Abuelita, she was the only one who could handle all those flowers!  :)

Wow. What was I thinking??  Seriously! Headboard, coverlet, shades, two tablecloths with the same flower pattern. Crazy!  Now I know why Grandma didn't stay long.

Well, the room was then painted pink, pink and purple, my daughters favorite colors at that time.

I took off the headboard molding pieces, stapled a new layer of batten on top of the existing fabric design, and...
added a nicer less complicated, girl friendlier fabric.
A simple stencil border separated the two tones of pink on the wall.
I was loving those light pink tones.  My girl was our little princess and I couldn't contain myself from sewing pink curtains, tablecloths, tutus; you name it, PINK!
Pink art was also added to the room.
Pink, purple and light green.
A simple pink room for my princess.
And she loved it!

Until not far ago, when she confessed to me that she could not stand pink anymore. :( 

I was sad. :'(

But, i understood her. She's not a little girl anymore.

The pink has to go! Purple can stay, in little doses she said.

Now her new color friend is blue. But not that blue. Nope.  Now she wants to have a NAVY BLUE room!  A proper desk and a window seat.

For sure she is growing and having her own say on the things she wants.

I'll be telling you about the changes to be made to get her the Navy Blue Room.

Psss! Her Navy Blue Room is all done, check it out HERE.

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  1. WOW! We have the same kids! I just did my daughter's room in pink and now she says is on a purple kick and pink is for babies. Good thing she shares her room with her baby sister so the pink is going to stay!

    We have that same quilt too! At least there is purple in it.. :)

  2. Oh-but it was soooo cute pink! It is hard to see them grown out of the little girl days, isn't it? You did a wonderful job on the room and it was even nice when you did it for Gramma- xo Diana

  3. I love what you have done. My 5 year old daughter really wanted pink (I was sure she would outgrow it quickly) so we ended up compromising with a pretty purple and we both love it.

  4. I'm your newest follower stopping by from Wow Us Wednesday

  5. Nice Job! My girls out grew pink at anout 7 yrs old and is now returning to it! They are 10 and 12! I am one happy mom!!!!
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    Recreate and Decorate

  6. Awesome pictures and houses are also very nice in looking. I like the way you put things all together. I am your new follower. :)

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  7. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  8. What fun to see a room evolve over time!

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