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Fourth of July Wreath

I've seen so many noodle wreaths around blog land lately that I wanted to try them. When I saw a wonderful tutorial HERE, I finally decided it was about time to create mine.

What better occasion than for the Fourth of July!

The materials you will need:
  • a noodle
  • packing tape
  • ribbon (blue and red)
  • white fabric
  • hot glue gun
  • star stickers

I used long scraps of  2" white fabric to wrap the noodle.

But first, the noodle has to be closed into a circle with the packing tape.

Use the white fabric to cover the noodle, securing it with a bead of glue at the beginning and on every other turn. 

Once covered, secure the ending piece to the back with another bead of glue.

I used 1 1/2" x 12 ft spools of red and blue ribbon. Both were secured to the noodle only at the beginning and end.

Winding them around the noodle tightly.

A bow was then attached with glue, and some star stickers were also added to the blue part.

And... Onto the door, it went!

Loving it! :)

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Have an awesome Fourth of July!

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  1. So pretty! Love it and your porch. So gorgeous. The silver stars look great. Good choice ;)

    Happy Summer =) Thanks for joining in!

  2. That sure is pretty! I love your patriotic noodle! So glad you joined in on the party!

  3. Your wreath looks great my friend. I love your pretty porch too.

  4. I love it! So easy and just perfect for the holiday!


  5. Cristina, What a pretty wreath! I'm really enjoying seeing all the unique and creative patriotic wreaths. The stars on the bow add just the right touch! Love it! :-)

  6. Hi Christina. This is so cute. I just put a post up about my wonderful globe (finally!) and I hope you don't mind but I shared several pictures of all the terrific things you do. You can see it here:

    The town you live in is beautiful. Where do you live? I love the old fashion quaint look of it. It's a shame more towns didn't preserve theirs.

    Thanks again for the beautiful globe. I hope you have a wonderful weekend...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute

  7. Sorry about misspelling your name. I always add an H to Cristina.

  8. I love your take on the pool noodle wreath! So much fun for the Fourth!

    Have a blessed and wonderful day!


  9. just as cute as can be...:)

  10. I am a sucker for a great wreath! You did a fantastic job. I hope you will link this up to my Patriotic Project Parade!

  11. This looks great! Found you through It's Overflowing. What a pretty wreath and fun to start out as a pool noodle!

  12. Very cute! I love anything patriotic! This really makes your door shine!

  13. Love your patriotic wreath! Thanks for the tutorial!

  14. Lovely! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  15. Awesome wreath! I never thought to use a noodle for a wreath, super cool!

  16. I love it. The red, white, and blue makes me proud always. Visiting from Common Ground. Olive

  17. So pretty! We will be featuring this today in our Patriotic Round - UP!

    Take care,


  18. This is so cute, what a fun wreath, great job, thanks so much for coming to the party!

  19. Featuring you today!!! XO, Aimee

  20. Your wreath looks so pretty against your door! And what a sweet little porch! Hope you had a fun 4th!

  21. I love it! I've never heard of noodle wreaths until now. It looked so easy. Gracias!

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