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Kitchen Cost Breakdown

Thank you so much for all the very kind comments you have left about our Kitchen Renovation! It really means a lot!Complete details of a builder's grade kitchen makeover cost.
Some of you asked about the cost of the renovation. Well, this kitchen cost breakdown is a post for you.
 Let's check how much we spent on turning this dark kitchen.
oak kitchen makeover form golden to white with lots of diy

Into the "new", bright kitchen below:

white kitchen - DIY kitchen makeover on a budget - dark island
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Let me breakdown the numbers for you:

In the beginning, my goal was set on spending no more than $10,000. It was a pretty low budget, to begin with since almost everything had to be changed, but this is how it went:
The biggest chunk of money went into Appliances (Refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, microwave and, I also included here the garbage disposal).  At the time I got a $300 rebate for buying three of the appliances from the same manufacturer.  The rebate is included.
Total  Appliances:  $                  3,900 
The next big purchase were the Silestone Counters,  (Included here are the two different color counters for the Island and the area around the kitchen, as well as the Kitchen Sink, Faucet, Soap Pump, Installation of counters, and the disposal hook up).
Total Countertops: $       3,050 

Paint, primers, and related supplies like caulking, sand paper, solvents, brushes, rollers, etc.

kitchen counter full of paint supplies for a makeover
Total Paint:  $                     450 

Dimmer, can lights (I got 6, but only used 4), lights trim, bulbs, outlets, covers, etc.

oak kitchen makeover the DIY way
The pendant light above the island and the drum light above the kitchen table were from CB2, both lights were $250. (I didn’t pay shipping & handling).
Total Electrical:  $                     750 

Plywood, MDF, and moldings used all around the kitchen (Island, fridge, hood, and even the moldings to trim the window before adding the backsplash).

oak cabinets being spruce up with moldings
Total Wood:  $                     430 

Range Hood
Insert, hood liner, ducting, and wall cap.
Total Hood:  $                     370 

The Cabinet to be placed on top of the Refrigerator with doors &
inside division.  $                     220 

Marble tiles -25 sq feet  (shipping and handling included) $270.
Grout, thin set, hand tools, sealer (wet saw not included) $120.

white kitchen makeover with marble backsplash

Total Backsplash:  $                     390 

Roman shade, knobs, pulls, trash can slider, trash can, carpet, bowls, placemats.
Total Accessories:  $                     255 

Microwave Trim - I bought it from Micro-Trim  S&H included.  $                    140 
Kitchen Table (Craiglist find).  $                       50 
Kitchen Chairs (from Bizchair, 4 of them) S&H included.  $                     280 
Kitchen stools (from Amazon, 2 of them).  $                       70 

GRAND TOTAL:  $                10,355 

I got some extra tools besides the many ones we already had (having the right tools makes a project go smoother):
You already know about the pocket hole jig, The Kreg Jig,
again, I love it.  $                      110
Wet saw - it's the minimum, nothing fancy but it did the job.  $                        70
Wrenches ( 3 of them)  $                        65
Drill attachment, nails, screws, etc.  $                      120
Total extra tools:  $                      365

I consider buying new tools an investment. It lowers the cost of my following projects. 
Even, including the price of the extra tools, the Total Total would be $10,720.  
Even more, rounding this amount to $11.000 let’s say for some extras like gas and miscellaneous, it’s a really good number for such a big change.
The total amount stayed low because of the time and effort we put into it, tons of elbow grease.  It is not that easy, but it is doable.

Ouch! my neck hurts just looking at this!

My Mr. is not too happy to hook up the dishwasher

Measure twice, cut once
kitchen with white cabinets and dark kitchen island

I hope these numbers can help you with your own project.

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  1. I just found this blog last night. I have wanted to paint over my natural maple cabinets for some time, but haven't found the perfect ideas in my head until I found your kitchen. I have that gap in between the ceiling and cabinets that I haven't found a solution for. I knew it would look tacky if I painted it white and then did nothing to address the top of my cabinets. I have a few questions... What did you use to strip your cabinets before painting them? Did you just sand them or did you use a stripper? How did you attach the wood to the ceiling and cabinetry? Did you use glue or how did you nail them together? I love the flare you added to the bottom of the top of your cabinets. Haven't thought of that one, but love the added touch it gives. I hope you have time to answer these questions. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your ideas with people like me. ;o)

  2. Alright, I dug deeper into your blog and found step by step the process you took. You already answered all my questions. ;o) Thank you so much for the time you put into your blog!!

  3. I'm still so inspired by how you filled in the space above the cabinets! I can't wait to try this out! What you spent was very reasonable for a makeover of this magnitude. Most people would have spent 50,000 or more to get a makeover like this for their kitchen. You see it on HGTV all the time:)

  4. Great job and the price was fantastic price. I've had quotes to reface my cabinets which were over $15K and that's without appliances and countertops.

  5. Wow, this makeover is one of the best I've ever seen DIY'd. Great job on it all, thanks for breaking it down. I'm about to start a whole house reno with the kitchen as one big part of that & if my kitchen turns out 1/2 as good as yours, I'll be happy. You've chosen many elements that I'd love to have in mine.

  6. The price was fantastic price, what a great job!

  7. Incredible Cristina! Cudos to you and your hubby. Not only did you do it for an amazingly low amout but it's one of my all time favorite kitchens. You have wonderful style and taste plus mad skills to make it happen.

    Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute :)

  8. You are amazing. I find this blog so inspiring. You have given me imagination to try some new projects. You rock, girl!!

  9. amazing work!! I am so impressed and jealous!! You kitchen looks like a $30k remodel! Nice work!!!

  10. Love, Love, Love your new kitchen! And love the fact that you have the guts to actually do it yourself and then post it online with actual prices paid. The prices paid are the part that I like the best, because everyone needs a realistic assessment of what 10K can buy you. And I'm an interior designer so I know what things cost. Earlier poster who said you have style and taste, right on! Can't wait to see what you do next.

  11. Thank you so much for such kind comments!

  12. Thanks for sharing the details of your project! I'm looking to update our kitchen and have gotten some great ideas from you. Beautiful job!

  13. Please tell me how and where you used the Kreg jig; I'm not familiar with that tool. Thanks!

  14. Hi Anonymous! I used the Kregg jig to build the bookcase at the end of the kitchen island, to put together the box for the range hood, and lately I used it while creating a cover for a bath tub here:

  15. Beautiful!! What is the paint color on the cabinets?

  16. Love that pendant light fixture, where might I find it?

  17. Love that pendant light fixture, where might I find it?

  18. Thanks Veronique, that's the Firefly Pendant Lamp from CB2

  19. I have told myself and told myself I couldn't do it, but after seeing this blog, I know I can and thank you so much for being the one to show me. Your kitchen redo is FANTASTIC!!!!!!

  20. Thank you so much! It is not that easy but it is doable. Good luck with your renovation ;)

  21. I just found this blog through pinterest, what a great transformation. Your DIY skill is impressive, thanks for sharing all the details. It gives me the courage to try and tackle my own kitchen!

  22. Hello,

    I was wondering what finish you used for the hardware? Kind of hard to tell in the pics?


  23. Also, what color did you paint the island? is that brown?

  24. Love the backsplash tile. Where did you order it from? It's exactly what I'm looking for!

  25. I'm with Jamie - where is the backsplash from? Absolutely beautiful!

  26. Cristina, What a fantastic job on your gorgeous kitchen! So inspirational!! A silly question...can you tell me about your dishes and pedestals, and where they can be purchased?

    1. Thanks Becky! There are no silly questions. ;) I assume you're talking about the white dishes with the beaded edge. I bought those at Horchow here: The pedestals were found long time ago at Costco but I think you can find similar ones at Amazon.

  27. Cristina what is the brand (make) and color of the backsplash you used? Inquiring minds want to know!! Where can I purchase it.

    1. Hi Greg, That's called the Marble Carrera Mosaic Polished Strip Tile. I bought it thru Ebay right here:

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