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The Doodle Wall Art

The family room makeover was a good opportunity get creative and tackle a few very low budget projects.

Let’s start with this, the doodle - wall art.

The thing is, I didn't have a "doodle" :D in my mind when I started this project, nope. 
In fact, I had a totally different picture of what I wanted. Most precisely, this tile mosaic project by A Soft Place to Land. 
Mine would be done with paper and choosing different colors.
 I began by constructing my frame, hubby came home one day with several pieces of free plywood.  I cut one to the size I needed.

And on the back, I attached pieces of 1x2 pine, all around it; I didn’t even bother mitering them.
As usual, the little nail holes and cracks were caulked, sanded and then the whole piece was painted.
I bought some sheets of paper at the craft store; cut 1'037.485 little 1”pieces and began gluing them with regular Elmer’s glue.

Ha, it took lots of time and precision! ;)

Almost done!

Put it on display over the fireplace, and …….. ta da hhh!  

I guess there were too many contrasting colors. 
I left it there for a couple of weeks, thinking what to do instead.
I didn’t even take a complete picture of my great piece.
But then,  I just decided to take it down and forget about all that color mess.  I painted all over it.  
Then, I went to find the biggest brush I had, and with my kids craft black paint (the only black I had available), I painted a doodle.  (The brush has to be sooooaked with paint!).

In the end, I kind of like the texture the little paper squares gave to this project.
I’m still not too happy, but for now it’s gonna stay right there for some time.
Now, onto the Ottoman change...
I like to keep changing things, I think I already told you that like a hundred times. 
Well, this ottoman has had so many makeovers. :)
Every time I change it, I think: Oh, this is the best! But pretty soon I get tired of it.

Plain and simple! when in good condition.

Floral, yellow Slipcovered.

dressed up for X-mas.

                   Again, slipcovered when I moved it into another room.                


Well this time, I just took off the original fabric. (The legs and the button cover too).
-Using spray adhesive I attached a thick piece of batting all around it and  stapled it underneath.
-Right on top I placed the fabric (like zebra print), also stapling it underneath, and tucking in the the extra fabric in the corners.

-The bottom cover and legs were then re-attached.
Hmmm, I’m already thinking about getting another piece of fabric to change the look for the summer.

Lets say that's my way to have fun. :)


  1. Hola Cristina,

    Encontre tu blog de casualidad. Me gustan tus proyectos y comparto tu idea de hacer cambios en casa economicamente. Sigue adelante, sere tu seguidora de ahora en adelante. Exitos!


  2. Your artwork looks like a ton of work. I totally love the ottoman. Great room. I am following on Linky. Hugs, marty

  3. Don't you just hate it when you put all that work into something and then it doesn't turn out anything like you were hoping? I know I do! Your ottoman is looking pretty sexy there in it's zebra print! xo Diana

  4. You have a lot of patience - the art is very cool! Don't you hate when you spend so much time on something only to not like it in the end! Love that zebra like ottoman too! Already a GFC follower, now on Linky too!

  5. Love that zebra-esque print ottoman! I'm Linky following now too!


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