My name is Cristina!

Welcome to my home! I love changing things around my house, creating something new, getting busy trying to make the place we live in more livable!
 I started this blog after finishing my kitchen renovation.  While going through all that process I promised myself to let everybody know the steps I was taking to complete that job.  There were things harder to accomplish than others because of my lack of knowledge and/or information about it and I want that to be easier for you.
I try to do everything on the cheap side (who doesn’t?!), most of the time just by doing it yourself it’s the way to go.
I live in Germantown, Maryland with my two kids and husband.  I love getting into DIY Projects but my husband doesn't!  I usually have to drag him when I need his help.  It was harder at the beginning  but lately he is more willing to pitch in after the changes he has seen!
I was inspired to begin this journey and I hope I can inspire you to begin or continue changing your home a little bit at a time!

You can contact me at:


Me encanta estar en mi casa cambiando cosas de lado a lado, creando otras nuevas y en general tratando de mejorar el espacio en el que vivo.

Este blog lo empeze despues de remodelar mi cocina porque queria dar a conocer todos los pasos que habia dado hasta finalizarla, pues no fue facil y me gustaria que fuera mucho más fácil para ud.

Quiero demostrar que con un poco de creatividad podemos transformar nuestras casas en lo que realmente queremos y a un bajo precio, simplemente haciendolo nosotros mismos!

Vivo en el area de Washington D.C. desde hace 15 años con mi esposo e hijos.  A mi es a la que le encanta estar buscando por remodelaciones o cambios alrededor de la casa y siempre termino pidiendole la ayuda a mi esposo con "algo", por supuesto el no lo disfruta! Pero ultimamente y con las transformaciones que ha visto, esta mas dispuesto a ayudarme con las cosas que le pido! 


Espero poder inspirarle a empezar a cambiar su casa poco a poco hasta lograr tener el hogar que siempre ha anhelado!

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  1. Hi Cristina!
    I came across your blog from it's overflowing and I just had to tell you what an amazing job you did on your kitchen! Such a transformation. And your pendant light above the island is to die for! I love how you change up your family room all the time too.
    Take care~Sarah

  2. Hola Cristina! I found your blog through Pretty Handy Girl y me encanta! I'll keep reading. :)

  3. Hi, Cristina! Your home has me drooling. I could spend hours clicking through your projects!

    I'm excited to be a new follower...can't wait to read more (I also envy your Español! I wish I remembered any of what I took in college!)


  4. Hi Cristina, I am delighted to find your site. You are really amazing. I love your projects. I found your site by googling "faux wood beams American Pro Decor." Your beams are actually beautiful. I am reading all of your projects. I will bookmark this page. You have interesting stuff.
    Que Dios te bendiga.

  5. Hola Cristina!
    Qué lindo tu blog :) You are super talented. I'm also in the DC area and would love to connect. Hope we meet soon.


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