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My name is Cristina and Remodelando la Casa or “RemodelaCasa” for short is my happy place on the internet. 

I started this little journey of mine in 2012 as a way to share my projects which include DIYs, home décor, crafts & upcycles. I also share a little bit about my family and our travels.

Yes, I’m a Latina girl!


I was born and raised in Ibague, Colombia S.A. there in a little corner of the coffee zone. Of course, I love coffee! 

Every morning a cup of Colombian coffee is part of my breakfast. ;)

Parque Centenario

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While living in Colombia, one of my coworkers introduced me to his brother who was visiting from the U.S. Long story short, we met, married and we’ve been living in Maryland for more than 20 years.


Remodelando la Casa started soon after finishing my kitchen makeover. A project that started with a funny / not too funny twist.


Tired of how dated my kitchen was looking, I got a list of all the changes that I wanted to give it.

Honey oak kitchen
Kitchen Makeover |

The funny thing is that I thought it was going to be a joint effort for me and my husband to bring our kitchen up to date. In my mind, he was going to be the builder and I would be the decorator as I’ve always loved getting into painting, crafting, and decorating projects.


Ha, how wrong I was!


The Mister was not interested, and well, he didn’t know how to do any type of home repairs let alone build something by himself.


Time passed and I had to take matters into my own hands. 

Cutting plywood with a circular saw

Armed with an old electric drill and a few hand tools I started my kitchen renovation and it turned out to be a makeover that I'm very proud of.

This is how the kitchen looks today:

White and blue kitchen for fall
|  Pendant Light  |  School House Ceiling Light  |  Kitchen Stools |

When going through the renovation, I promised to let everyone know all the steps I had to take to complete this project.

If you're getting into a kitchen renovation, I definitely want it to be a way easier experience for you!


The projects continue after all these years and they’ve even gotten bigger, like this entertainment center that I tackled in my family room.

Family room entertainment center

Or this mudroom that was created in a corner of our garage.


I was inspired to begin this journey and I hope that I can inspire you too!
How to build a lumber rack
DIY - Lumber Rack |

Here are some facts about me:

  • I’m a wife, a mother of two, a friend, a sister… A middle child… of 11 (crazy I know!).

Samantha Garay and Matthew Garay
| Here with my babies |

  • A quiet soul, an introverted listener.

  • One of the few Latinas without a sense of rhythm.

  • A traditionalist that finds beauty in the most varied décor styles.

  • I love moldings, white paint, garlands, chocolate - more specifically chocolatinas Jet. 😋

  • Things that make me uncomfortable: Public speaking, getting in front of a camera, social gatherings.

You can contact me at:

The latest addition to our family is Louie, the Yorkshire Terrier you see here. My little shadow. 😊 

Yorkshire Terrier - Louie

You can connect with me over at Instagram, Facebook,
Pinterest or YouTube to get the latest from RLC!

*This post contains affiliate links.


  1. Hi Cristina!
    I came across your blog from it's overflowing and I just had to tell you what an amazing job you did on your kitchen! Such a transformation. And your pendant light above the island is to die for! I love how you change up your family room all the time too.
    Take care~Sarah

  2. Hola Cristina! I found your blog through Pretty Handy Girl y me encanta! I'll keep reading. :)

  3. Hi, Cristina! Your home has me drooling. I could spend hours clicking through your projects!

    I'm excited to be a new follower...can't wait to read more (I also envy your Español! I wish I remembered any of what I took in college!)


  4. Hi Cristina, I am delighted to find your site. You are really amazing. I love your projects. I found your site by googling "faux wood beams American Pro Decor." Your beams are actually beautiful. I am reading all of your projects. I will bookmark this page. You have interesting stuff.
    Que Dios te bendiga.

  5. Hola Cristina!
    Qué lindo tu blog :) You are super talented. I'm also in the DC area and would love to connect. Hope we meet soon.


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