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Patriotic Balcony for Summer

Little American flags inside white cup in balcony

Let's Decorate a Patriotic Balcony in a Renter's Apartment!

Hi everyone!

It's been a while since I last shared some updates. Today, I'm excited to show you a project I recently completed: A patriotic balcony makeover for my daughter's new apartment!

Life Update: Family, Fun, and a Few DIY Projects

You might remember me mentioning my ongoing painting project in previous posts. Let's just say it's keeping me busy! But in between brushstrokes, I've been making the most of life. I enjoy spending time with my grown kids (who, thankfully, still live nearby) and exploring new places with my extended family.

Recently, I've also been tackling some apartment-living projects. One of them is this fantastic patriotic balcony I decorated for my daughter.

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Patriotic balcony for Summer

Daughter's New Place and Feline Overlords

My daughter recently moved out of Baltimore, where she still works, to live closer to the city outskirts with her boyfriend. They're thrilled to be sharing a place!

Oh, and they're not alone —they have two furry family members, Kaz and Tessa, who, in my humble opinion, are the undisputed rulers of the house!

Confession time: I'm still adjusting to feline life. When I come to visit and work on decor, I feel like I'm dodging cat toys and endless boxes! But hey, that's the joy of family, right?

Patriotic balcony for summer

From Dusty Balcony to Relaxing Oasis

Thankfully, my daughter gave me the green light to transform their balcony while things improved on the inside.

With warmer weather approaching, she envisioned it as a work and relaxation space.

The initial pictures revealed a neglected space — empty and dusty, but with a good size (about 6' x 10').

After a thorough cleaning (cobwebs and all!), the decorating began.

Creating a Functional and Stylish Space

As with any project, understanding the purpose is key. This balcony would serve as a dual space: a work area on nice days and a cozy relaxation spot.

The first piece of furniture was an area rug, which grounded the space. This was followed by a sofa and coffee table - both previously used in her living room. Since they were consolidating furniture from two apartments, these pieces were a bit displaced.

I gave the sofa a triple coat of ScotchGuard to protect it from the elements. However, it usually gets covered when not in use.

Patriotic balcony for Summer - A rug and some furnishings

I built a console table for the back area to add another functional element and break up the monotony of the siding. 

The complete details for this easy DIY console table are HERE. As you can see, it makes a big statement!

Underneath the table, a red step stool (a previous DIY) can be pulled for extra seating or to hold gadgets while she works.

A console table and the American flag above it.

The Star of the Show: Patriotic Touches and Comfort

But the real star of the show is the American flag!

It adds a striking touch of patriotism to the space.

For extra ambiance, we strung up some patio lights. These create a warm and festive atmosphere.

red, white and blue decor in an apartment balcony.

The finishing touches included patriotic-themed throw pillows and a lightweight throw blanket for cooler evenings.

geranium and candles on coffee table

Finally, vibrant plants in decorative planters add a touch of life and color to the balcony oasis.

I bought this tall gray planter at HomeGoods and mounted it on this plant stand to give it even more height.
A Yucca cane plant for the balcony

Red, white and blue porch decor

Rattan planter with befonias - patio summer decor
Planter  |

Outdoor summer decor in red, white and blue

And here she is, enjoying her brand-new space! 🥰
Outdoor Summer decor in red, white and blue - Samantha Garay

Stay tuned!

In the next post, I'll share the details of building the console table—a project that's both functional and stylish!

console table in balcony - yucca plant and red sitting stool



Enjoy what you read today?



  1. It's a great looking space and I'm looking forward to the console table post.
    You're a good mom!

    1. Thanks so much, Theda! I keep on spoiling that girl. :)
      And yes, the console table details are coming.


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