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Spring Apartment Tour

Hello and Welcome!

Over the past two months, I dedicated a lot of time to furnishing and decorating a small, blank apartment in Baltimore. Today is reveal day, and I'm delighted you're here to take the tour!

Back in January, I went apartment hunting with my daughter. She was leaving the nest and needed a new place as she was moving to a new city with a new job. 

I loved all of the apartments that we went to see. Most of them were situated in old buildings with lots of character. Many of the apartments sported chimneys, millwork, hardwood floors, etc. It was hard to decide, but in the end, she settled for this one!

A one-room apartment with beautiful hardwood floors, chunky baseboards, and a beautiful bay window off the kitchen.

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Upon walking up to the entrance door, a long hallway is all that you see.

On the left, mid-way through the hallway is the entrance to the bedroom. And when you reach the end of the hallway, you get to the living areas.

Tucked back at the end is the kitchen. I love all the light and those high 9-ft ceilings.

But hey, let's look at how that decorating came out!

The hallway doesn't feel claustrophobic anymore. :)

Creating a gallery wall was a sure way to warm up this hallway. And the Pokemon characters were a total hit with my daughter.


Clean lines and light wooden accents gave this charming apartment a modern twist.

The bed and bedding were some items we bought, but many of the furnishings and decorating pieces we already owned and/or were found at thrift stores and Marketplace.

Looking the other way, you can see the doors to the bathroom and closet. It's a small closet, and she had to buy an extra hanging rack that she keeps in the corner of the room.

This door had taken quite a few coats of paint! I find this to be so very charming. 

And look at how pretty that doorknob is. The funny part is that the door doesn't even close! :D

Let's get out of the room to check the other areas.

You can peek at this entertainment center from the front door. I added this dark accent board as a focal point. It's one more element that visually helps minimize that long hallway.

The branches were a little nod to spring.


And here, you're in this cozy living area!
| Rug | Lamp | Pillowcases

I repainted a set of canvases, which are this room's centerpiece. Well, besides the coffee table.

The coffee table was a wonderful Marketplace find for only 50 bucks. At first, I thought it would be too small for the space, but nope. It fits quite nicely.

All of the rugs I used here were already used in my home. If you're one of my regular visitors, you can spot many items I have used throughout my house. 

I love the texture of the rattan drawer front. Oh, the picture on that frame needs to be updated, as that's the one it came with. 


Tucked in the corner of the living room, this pretty desk is where my daughter spends a good chunk of her time. We placed it there against the window for her to have a view.
The sheer curtains provide privacy and also help minimize distractions.

Some fuzzy little friends give her company.


A round table was the perfect fit for this bay window nook. The table, chairs, and shelves were all Marketplace finds.

I love how airy and uncomplicated this space feels. Although, a pendant drum light was a necessity to anchor this space.

I love the blue-speckled China set that she picked. 

round black and white table

We debated whether to use a round rug under the table or leave it alone. I'm not sure. What do you suggest?
A "first apartment" furnished and decorated for spring

It is easier for her to clean the floors underneath the table without a rug. You probably know how often young people get to use those cleaning gadgets, and carpets do get messy around eating areas.

A "first apartment" furnished and decorated for spring


This is a basic kitchen with a beautiful view!

Adding a rug, wall art, and a kitchen towel was all this little kitchen needed.
A "first apartment" furnished and decorated for spring

Moving my daughter into this, her very first apartment, was an exciting experience not only for her but also for me. Acquiring everything she needed sometimes felt daunting because it was a lot! 

But hey, we did it, and most importantly, she is pleased with the result. This is now her home! ❤️
A "first apartment" furnished and decorated for spring
Vase | Floor Lamp | Ottoman | Art

Thanks for stopping by!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. You did a wonderful job! It's cozy and chic at the same time. It looks like an Airbnb! My fav is the artwork in the hallway - really gives the space character and color!

    1. Thanks! That hallway is also my daughter's favorite area. Hard to compete with those Pokemon characters. :)

  2. It looks amazing. I know she is so proud of it and comfortable and pretty you made it for her.

    1. Aww thanks so much, Marty! Yes, she is enjoying it.

  3. What a wonderful first apartment - it's so cozy and inviting! I hope your daughter will be very happy there. I vote no rug under the table, but then I never like a rug under a table, lol, too easy to get dirty and too hard to clean!

    1. Hi Jeanine, Thanks tons for your kind words! My thoughts exactly about the rug. 🙌🏼

  4. It’s hard when the kids leave the nest but helping them get situated is loving and kind! I hope she appreciates how much love you poured into this project! It came out great!

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