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Summer Outdoor Living

Hello, and Welcome to the summer home tours 2022!

I partner with 30 other decor bloggers each season to showcase seasonal decor in our homes. Today is my day to share, along with five other ladies.

The complete list of all 30 summer home tours is at the end of this post. Each tour is full of summer decor inspiration, like Kristin's home at White Arrows Home, a log home in Wisconsin that is the perfect summer retreat at this time of the year!

Thank you to Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for putting this tour together each season!

If you're visiting for the first time, my name is Cristina, and I call Maryland home with my husband and two young grown-up kids.

I'm always working on something inside my home; it can be a DIY, organizational, or decorating project. I love to get busy using my home as a canvas for all my creative endeavors. 

Our summer outdoor living space is the one I'm sharing with you today. After a long winter and a good power wash that the mister helped me with, this is how this area looked about two weeks ago. 

summer home tour

The initial plan was to paint the railing around the deck and the potting benches. 

The old paint on the potting benches was flaking badly. I first had to remove all those paint chips, and the funny part is that this wire brush I bought a long time ago to clean the grill also worked perfectly for this task. 

No, I hadn't used it on the grill. I wouldn't dare apply grease on wood before painting it. 😖

cleaning flaking paint from outdoor furniture

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Anyhow, the potting benches were painted and spruced up.
Outdoor summer decor

And I even got into these little DIY hanging planters.

outdoor summer decor

Once the decorating started, I wanted to avoid going and painting the railing. Instead, I brought out all the elements to create our summer outdoor living right here!

Let's take a look, as these ideas can be incorporated into many areas of your home for summer.


Does your family love to have dinners al fresco? 

Then, a dining table might be a necessity for you.

Do you just want to be out there lounging and enjoying the weather?

patio set, like the one we have in our space, may fit your needs. 

Think about how you want to enjoy your outdoor space and furnish it accordingly.

black, white and teal summer decor


Decorate your outdoor space the same way you would do any of your rooms inside your home. 

Using a rug as the first layer in your room design will be a visually grounding way to mark a seating or dining area.

Rugs bring the cozy factor up a notch in outdoor areas, and your feet will love a nice soft place to walk on.

black, white and teal patio decor


Add comfort and style by using throw pillows. Outdoor pillows are usually designed with weather-resilient fabrics, but that doesn't mean they are waterproof. 

I keep the chair cushions and throw pillows out here all summer long, but when they're not in use, I cover the entire chair with heavy-duty patio chair covers that keep all the cushions looking their best for years!
wire basket used as a coffee table

Small furnishings are another layer of outdoor comfort living. 

Get creative!

A large upside-down wire basket or a wooden crate can double as a coffee table.
backyard decor

This upcycled wooden garland is another accessory that can stay here all summer long.
outdoor patio decor

Bringing out all those indoor amenities is how we can create a little oasis in our backyard!

floating deck decorated for summer


Duh, it's the outdoors! Plants and more plants will bring joy and another layer of awesomeness to your outdoor living space.

Don't have a green thumb?

No problem! Try using plants that are hard to kill, as I did here with these Day-Lilies. I keep dividing them and planting them in big and small pots all around the yard. They keep on coming year after year. They are perennials! 

backyard decorated for summer
I also use a few tropical plants that I bring inside the house during winter. As the warmer weather approaches, they get back out again.


Nothing like a fresh coat of paint or stain to improve the look of outdoor furnishings.

These benches have been with us for almost twenty years! First, they were the kids' playset that later on was turned into the helpful potting benches you see below.

My daughter's pottery creations and finds are here on full display.

Friends from her pottery studio created the adorable turtle and hanging planter you see here.

This small deck in our backyard is where we love to hang out. I love to sit here and listen to the birds chirping and the sound from those big trees swaying with the evening breeze. 


As the sun sets, outdoor lighting is the touch of magic that provides a wonderful atmosphere for your outdoor living space.

String lights easily mounted above the railing give this area needed light and a lot of wow factor.

A lighted umbrella and tea lights also help!

string lights on deck - patio summer decor

Next up on the tours is Tammy from Pink Peppermint Design. I know you will love her home as much as I do!

I hope you and yours make this summer one you'll never forget!

Here are all the tours in the 2022 Summer home lineup.

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. I love your outdoor seating area, Cristina! What a great idea to turn the kids' playset into a potting bench, you've just given me the inspiration to make something similar for our garden! Your patio looks like a cozy space to hang out, especially in the evening, lit up with pretty string lights! Hope you have a great summer!

    1. Thanks so much, Jayne! That's our favorite summer spot, especially in the evenings. ;)

  2. Your patio looks so inviting. I love how you've arranged a nice seating area and dining area to enjoy all summer long. The views at night with the lights is stunning. Such an inviting space to enjoy in the evenings. I would eat all of my meals out there and spend most of every day. Such an lovely and inviting area. Thanks so much for joining the tours again this season, love seeing your home.

    1. Thanks, Marty! And thank you so much for organizing this wonderful blog hop. ❤️

  3. What a gorgeous space to hang out! Love the night time view so so much too.

    1. Aww thanks!! We love it with all the lights on and maybe also using the firepit for some s'mores. 😋

  4. What a gorgeous space to hang out! Love the night time view so so much too.

  5. Cristina, you guys worked so hard to get your patio ready for summer and it looks AMAZING! Now you get to put your feet up and enjoy the results. Happy Summer!

    1. Haha yep. Time to relax and enjoy it! Happy Summer to you too Christy!

  6. I'm just loving your outdoor space for summer! You've really taken the time to make everything so inviting. It's the perfect space to hang out (and have some steamed crabs!!). Anne grew up in Maryland and misses that seafood so much. So happy to meet you here!

    1. That's a yes for steamed crabs & crab cakes! 🤲🏽 Happy to meet you too, Ann! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. What a cheerful and happy space. I adore the wee frog. So cute!

    1. Oh, me too! My daughter is the one crafting those cute frogs. I didn't want to bring them outdoors because the weather is so harsh on them, as you can see there... The eyes are popping out, the feet are broken. But she promised me to make some new ones to replace these. Thanks for your sweet comment.

  8. Great tips and a gorgeous outdoor living area! I'm sure you'll be spending plenty of time out there this season! Enjoy!!

    1. Thanks Shelley! Happy to be home touring with you.

  9. I would spend all my time outdoors if I had a space like this. I love all the accessories you used. The evening views are even more beautiful. I know you will have an amazing summer. So happy to be hopping with you this week.

    1. I love how string lights add that special glow wherever they're used. Sending you happy Summer vibes, thanks Kim!

  10. Cristina, your patio area is so wonderful! I can imagine that you spend a lot of time there in the summer and that the weather is beautiful. And I love that upside down basket turned table!!

    1. Hehe being a bit resourceful with that table. :) Thanks Kate!

  11. What a beautiful, relaxing retreat. And even more magical at night with those lights! Have a wonderful summer!

  12. Loving this fabulous outdoor space, Cristina. I really want that buddha head planter for myself. haha!

  13. Beautiful! Very high end look that is inspiring! I don’t have a deck yet but it’s coming next year. These darn things are expensive and I have no real outside areas to sit and enjoy. This has been a long time coming for me!

    1. Aww, thank you so much for your very kind words! Ha, this little deck is the one I built (with lots of help) in the back part of the yard. I still need one deck for getting out of the house, a second-story deck. That's something I can't DIY. I was ready to give the build a go, but the lumber prices had put that project on hold. Everything it's so expensive right now! 😭
      I'm here crossing my fingers for those prices to go down someday and hopefully you and I can go ahead with those projects.

  14. Didn’t mean to send that quite yet. I’ve never been a fan of that teal blue color but it has grown on me and I believe it looks real nice on a patio. The evening ambiance is fantastic and even the daytime look is very nice. You do a lot of great work and I love coming to your blog!

  15. Cristina! I love your outdoor space! What a wonderful place to relax for the summer! My favorite was the display of your daughters pottery! Love it!

  16. Your outdoor space is gorgeous and your summer touches are perfect, especially your daughter's and her friend's pottery pieces! I love the magical setting at night!

    1. I didn't enter my name above..oops! It's Tamara from CitrineLiving!

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