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Finding The Right Jewelry Organizer

I've been on the lookout for a nice jewelry organizer to help my daughter keep her earrings, necklaces and all her jewelry organized.

For the most part, I'm an organized person and I always tried to instill in each of my kids the love for keeping their stuff or their belongings organized. It all has worked out very OK for them. Well, up to a certain point. They both know how to do most chores and how to organize their stuff. However, it's always been extra hard for my daughter to maintain that organization, and things can easily turn into a lot of mess in no time.

This past week I went over all her jewelry and tried to help her on finding ways to keep it organized.
Ha, understanding her needs was the main lesson I got in trying to find the ways to organize her collection.

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For instance, having a jewelry box with little compartments to store rings, earrings, and small pieces would be a perfect storage box for me, for my needs.

Same for this, all the little drawers in this jewelry box are a dream come true for me, but it isn't something that my daughter would love to have. 

As she told me, everything that she puts inside those little drawers will not exist once is stored there.
She needs to see her pieces, especially in the mornings when she is fighting against time to get ready and out the door.

She has used a little box for many years like the one you see below. I think she surpassed its storage capabilities long ago.

The following are some economical options I found for her.

A jewelry stand where she can see every single piece and at the ready at any given moment. The only caveat is that counter space is at a minimum in her room.

I also brought this acrylic/transparent jewelry box for her earrings and small parts to her attention. The clear part was a great selling point, but still, the drawers are something that she doesn't want to deal with.

This closet/hanging jewelry organizer might be my favorite solution for her needs. Even the price is a great fit for what she wants to spend on it. 

All the jewelry can be seen on a quick look and it stores neatly inside the closet.

This foldable acrylic jewelry organizer might be another option for her. Although, its size and the fact that it might need to go on top of a table or desk might be an issue.

She's still deciding on which way to go. 

This made me remember the jewelry organizer I created a few years ago. It's still in use in my bedroom. Although, I'm not much into jewelry. Perhaps it would be easier to bring it to her room and hang it there on one of her walls! :D

You can check all the details on how to DIY this jewelry organizer right HERE.

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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