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Garage and Basement Organization

The painting of the deck railing that you see there in the first picture was my plan for the previous weekend. Ha, it rained all weekend long.

That task was supposed to be done during this week, but the husband informed me that he was upgrading the internet connection, something that he painstakingly explained to me, but the only thing I remember is that we had 75 something and now we were going to have 300. He asked me if I could clear the space for the guys to reach the internet box that was in a corner of the basement.

Well, that was my job these past days.  I forgot to take a before pic. It was only when I was midway through that pandemonium that I grabbed my phone to take this pic.

The last time I organized this part of the basement, I turned it into a bedroom to accommodate some visitors. 

It stayed this tidy for a couple years until I brought organization to the garage. I know! One gets organized and the other goes back to messy. ๐Ÿ™„ 

Oh, the bed was given away to someone who needed it more than we did.

After moving things around and getting rid of many others, this is how this space looks now. A new hanging out area for my son.

I couldn't get rid of the tools. I don't use those tools much and I don't have the space in the garage for them either. They have to be here in the basement until I can find a better spot for them.

I used that cabinet in the middle as a dividing wall between both spaces, the lanterns on top of it blocking the view a bit more. 

It isn't too pretty, but hey, much better than the chaos I had before.

All this purging and organizing made me remember the time when the garage shelves were decluttered and believe me, those are almost the same steps you have to take to organize any space.

Oh, it looks like we’re going to have another weekend full of rain around here. ๐Ÿคจ

Welcome back to another edition of Home & Decor Encore, a weekly series where my friends and I share the best of the best from our archives.

Big thanks to Doreen at Hymns & Verses & Lori at The Stonybrook House for organizing this group.

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  1. The corners and decorations are so cool. Items that seem to have been abandoned. Can now be recycled again without realizing it is a discarded item lolbeans

    1. Thanks! In fact, along with my daughter, we're going to set up a tent at our neighborhood's flea market next month. Wish us luck!

  2. This house has an AMAZING shop...I was able to move all my tools and yard equipment into it. We are able to park two cars in our garage for the first time in decades. Blessing! Instead of a basement, we have a "bunk room" above the garage...I too have turned one side into a guest area and the other half is massive storage. It is tough to keep it organized but I am a master purger...rather than go into storage, unwanteds go into my car and off to donation centers!

    1. Beck, I agree with you on all those accounts! Yes, I need to organize my shop a bit more. Although, for some reason, I don't like those yard tools in the garage close to my woodworking tools. Don't tell the boys. ๐Ÿคซ

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