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Dog Costumes For Halloween

Halloween dog costumes

Kids grow up way too fast. So instead let's dress up those cute puppies for Halloween!!

Not only did we dress them up in the cutest attire, but we got them together for playtime before the big day arrives.

Nowadays that little Terrier you saw in that first pic (Louie) is our baby. Every morning you can see me walking around our neighborhood with this little guy by my side. At home, he's my little shadow.

I love that he's finally getting used to snuggles. Yes, you get wiser with age. ;)  - Those snuggles were his nemesis, he didn't dare get close to us when napping when he was a youngster, but he has warmed up to them. 
He is also getting somewhat comfortable wearing clothing or a costume. This is another aspect of Louie's life that I'm enjoying to the max! That's the main reason why I look for cute sweaters that he can wear during our walks in the winter.

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bumblebee, cowboy and carrying pumpkin costumes for dogs

I'd been looking for months for a cute Halloween costume for Louie. When I saw that super cute and (I might say fancy) Carrying Pumpkin Suit, I knew I had to get it for my boy.

Then, I set up a play date with his cousins: Sophie, the Golden Retriever, and Piper, the two girls you see in the above picture. There they waited for the party to start. :D 

You got to see them in the little video wearing those funny costumes!!


Sophie was supposed to be a bumblebee, but those antennas kept falling off so we didn't even bother putting them in place one more time. The only part of the costume that stayed in place was the wings. 

As you can see, she didn't even care. Retrieving that ball and paying close attention to those wonderful shadows is her very own way to have lots of fun!
Dog Halloween costumes


Oh my goodness, Piper is the strong and tenacious girl that can keep up with that cowboy. 
Dog Halloween costumes


These two guys took good care of that huge pumpkin. :D They looked so elegant!
Dog Halloween costumes
| Carrying Pumpkin Dog Costume |

I love this funny costume. Look at the back! 😅
Dog Halloween costumes

This is a costume for small dogs. The size I bought for Louie is Large. It fits him like a glove. He's 17 lbs.
Dog Halloween costumes

You can see how it comes with different Velcro strips, which might be good for a smaller dog. Louie had it on the last set of Velcro strips.

It's a very pretty costume and Louie seemed very comfortable in it.
Dog Halloween costumes

I think Louie would also look good in these costumes: Hotumn Dinosaur or this one minus the headpiece, because Louie doesn't like anything on his head. :/

Last year he used this costume, I need to find a picture to update this post.

The cowboy costume is a favorite of mine. The quality is great. Two Velcro straps tied that saddle at the bottom and one in the front. The dogs hardly notice they're wearing something. 

For Piper, we got the Medium size which was perfect for her 25 lbs. body. I might say this medium size costume can also fit a 30 lb dog. The Velcro straps are long.
Halloween dog costumes
| Cowboy Rider Style Dog Costume |

I love the cowboy's movements. When the dog goes fast it looks even better with the cowboy in a complete rodeo mood.
Dog Halloween costume

The facial features of the cowboy are just funny!
Halloween dogs costumes

Other costume options for Piper include this UPS suit, or this USPS one, SO cute! I also like this one.

Sophie was buzzing around by retrieving that ball! 
Golden Retriever as a bumblebee for Halloween

For Sophie, I would love her to have this costume, or this, or this.

Well, these cute pups had a great time and so did we. 

So many laughs on their account!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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