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A Modern Apartment Bedroom

Hello there!

Turning a small blah bedroom into a must-see retreat can be easily achieved with careful planning and a dash of inspiration.

Every single room can serve as a comfortable bedroom if given the right amount of style and storage. Today, I'm focusing on giving this plain room you see in the picture below, a good amount of style.
Back in January when I traveled to Colombia to visit my family, I got into a couple of projects/room makeovers, one of them a dining room and the other a bedroom makeover. That bedroom belonged to my niece Paula. You can see that bedroom makeover right HERE.

It was there while working on Paula's bedroom, when her mother, my sister Martha asked me if I could give her bedroom a teensy bit of style.

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I loved the neutral palette her bedroom sported and the wooden tones gave the room a good dash of warmth. However, the bedroom was lacking in the style department.

My sister gave me a trio of round mirrors to hang on a wall and that was it. I had to check in my stash for all the remnants from other projects to see if I could come up with something for this new room.
Given that the budget and resources had been long depleted I dug deep trying to find something I could use.

Well, the only item to pop up was a couple of this peel & stick gold wall decal dots.


I could create a focal wall.

| Peel & Stick Gold Wall Decal Dots |

One of my nephews was there giving me a helping hand with this project. We used a laser level to keep those dot rows straight. Oh, we used this clear container as the dot-spacer.
| Laser Level |

The mirrors were hung, the dot decals were installed and this picture below is how the bedroom looked at the end of the day.

The gold dot decals gave the bedroom a good amount of style. It looked as if we had installed wallpaper on all that wall.

That was pretty much all I could do at that time.

However, I promised my sister that I would send her other ideas of how she can elevate the style even more. Ha, it only took me nine months to put these ideas together. 😔 Sorry sis! 

Last week I spent a good amount of time in Photoshop giving her bedroom a few other décor elements. Oh, how I love to play house this way! Many of the items I'm using here aren't budget-friendly.


That big wall still needed a focal point. A small sunburst mirror works nicely here. It doesn't compete with the dot decals, it creates balance. 

Now, I think this small room needs a chandelier there in the center. This round honeycomb chandelier is simply awesome!

Oh, and I always believe that drapes all the way from the floor to the ceiling make a room feel taller.
| Sunburst Mirror | Honeycomb Chandelier | Curtains |

Let's change the small mirror for a pair of prints... Love them!
| Prints |

Now, let's keep the pretty prints, but use a crystal chandelier. Ha, not bad, but somehow I prefer the sphere.

Looking the other way with the blue accent wall they had in place and using another art piece.
| Floor Lamp |

How about a Juju hat as the focal point on that wall?

Don't you love Juju hats? They give a good amount of texture to any space they are added to.
| Juju Hat | Sheet Set |

Here again the sunburst mirror, but this time paired up with a drum-pendant light.
Sunburst Mirror | Pendant light |

Finally, a long art piece above the bed also seems pretty OK.

Well, my friends, which setup is your favorite?

I think the gold dots are a wonderful background that works nicely with many décor choices.

These are the steps I usually take when styling a bedroom:

1. Add wall art
2. Install drapes
3. Add lights
4. Make the comfiest and stylish bed

Oh, I can finally send this post to my sisi! 😬

*This post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. All of your suggestions work well together! One item at a time!

    1. Thanks Guerrina! Yes, so many options. They have a great canvas to work on.

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