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30 Clever Ways to Organize a Small Apartment

small living room area - Apartment living

Having an organized home not only reduces stress but also improves the quality of our lives. If your home is a small apartment like the one I'm sharing with you today, then, having it organized is even more important!

Last year I went on a few trips to our closest Ikea and I finally got to upload the pictures I took of the little apartment they designed within the store. I found it so beautifully designed and decorated, and I especially liked the many ways in which storage was added to this tiny space. I have to say, it's storage that looks good!
For this post, and looking at the wonderful job the designers did with this space, I came up with a list of 30 clever and beautiful ways to bring organization to a small apartment or home!

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Let's check them out: 


Ikea small apartment kitchen

1. Add hooks, small racks

2. Install storage shelves to create openness in the kitchen

3. Small shelves inside the cupboards or even on the counter would double your storage space.

Clever storage in the kitchen with hook racks, open shelving and more

4. Pull-out drawers keep storage within arm's reach and clutter out of sight.

5. Use all the vertical space available.

6. Wall space is storage space, use it wisely.

Pantry with pull out drawers

7. Turn your kitchen island into a multifunctional workspace.

8. Organize the kitchen cabinets with expandable cookware organizers.

Kitchen island with ample cookware open storage


10. Keep flat surfaces clutter-free.

11. Take advantage of the space behind or by the side of the sofa.

12. Use a double-functioning coffee table.

13. A ladder rack will keep blankets neatly stored and it would take minimum space.

14. Add shelves to display art, books, or pretty storage boxes.

15. Use an entertainment center cabinet with plenty of storage drawers.

16. Creatively display photos/ art.


17. Install a compact double vanity with ample storage.

18. Take advantage of medicine cabinets that provide open and closed storage space.

19. Add hooks instead of towel bars. 

20.  Give your shower a streamlined look with a floor-level shower.

21. Use a utility caddy to keep products organized inside the vanity and to keep the counters clutter-free.


22. Create a small area that serves as an office space.

23. Install a pegboard to keep essentials at hand and organized.

24. Use a desk that also serves as a vanity.

winter bedroom in gray

25. Use a hidden storage bed.

26. Install shelves to display art or essentials.

27. Cabinets above the bed not only provide storage but also give the look of a built-in area.

28. Tall cabinets can turn any space in your room into a behind doors closet area.

29. Don't forget to include plenty of drawers to keep your apparel well organized.

30. Art tactfully placed all throughout the house will also add a sense of organization to it.
Bedroom with hidden storage bed

An organized home can be easily accomplished when you have a place for everything and everything in its place, right?!

I hope you've found this post helpful to tackle some organization in your own home!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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