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Halloween porch decor
Are you decorating for Halloween this year? I think it is more important than ever to keep things as normal as possible, especially if you have little kids. If you usually decorate for Halloween, you better continue that tradition, those kids will love it.

Now, how about trick-or-treating? Hmm that's a tricky question, isn't it. 

I might lean onto the side of buying a few bags of candy and letting the kids eat as much as they want at home. 
Going from house to house might not be a wise decision this year.
I'm not planning on giving candy, how about you? :/

Welcome back to another edition of Home & Decor Encore where my blogging friends and I share the best of the best from our archives. This time all things AUTUMN! 🍂

Big thanks to Doreen at Hymns & Verses & Lori at The Stonybrook House for organizing this group.

In today's posts Doreen shares easy ways to decorate your outdoor spaces for Fall, Lori tells you how to make a delicious pumpkin spice smoothie, Laura gives you all the tips for picking the best pumpkins, Christy has five wonderful tips for decorating for fall and I'm sharing my neighbor's front porch all decorated for Halloween! 🖤

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