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Home & Decor Encore - Spring Flowers in Random Vases

rustic tray holding daffodils planted in three legged soup bowls
Hello friends!

I'm so very happy about  joining a talented group of blogging friends to bring you HOME & DECOR Encore. Every Friday we will be sharing with you the very best from our blog archives.

We have been blogging for several years and have lots of content, great posts that we want to share with others. This is definitely a great way to update those posts, adding new details and pictures to them, but
it also gives us all the opportunity to share with each other's readers and bring you the best ideas from our files.

We, the Home & Decor Encore gals have a passion for home decor, DIY projects and well, everything home! I hope you enjoy this series.

Thanks so much, Doreen at Hymns & Verses and Lori at The Stonybrook House for creating this group.

My need for getting flowers grows wildly as Spring approaches. Tulips are always a staple during the firsts months of the year, but I also love daffodils, roses, carnations that last me the longest, and so many more! The obsession goes a bit further as I love to display those pretty blooms in let's say, unconventional vases or containers.

Cause really, not many people plant their daffodils in three legged soup bowls.

If you're also counting the days 'til Spring and getting lots of flowers and think random containers are fun.
Then, you're going to enjoy the post I'm sharing with you today. I'm also giving you all the details on HOW TO MAKE THIS RUSTIC TRAY.
rustic tray holding daffodils planted in three legged soup bowls

Enjoy today's features and have a lovely weekend!

Paper birds on Spring branches

Board and batten install

Tray basket with easter eggs and moss

rustic tray holding daffodils planted in three legged soup bowls

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  1. What a great idea - and I'm loving all the spring inspiration! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Who would of thought to plant in a soup container? Genius!! Love this!

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