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Taking The Stress Out Of Dog Nail Trimming

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Yorkshire Terrier Louie - stressed out for Nail trimming
Hello there!

If you're new here, let me introduce you to our sweet and happy-go-lucky Louie. He's our little Yorkshire Terrier that never fails to impress us with his crazy amounts of energy.
Lately, we haven't wanted Louie to get his nails trimmed at our regular groomer, as one time he came back home with a hurt nail, and visibly in pain when touched. Because of this, we just let them grow out!
There were no problems until lately, when
visitors have been complaining about Louie scratching them (unintentionally of course), when he runs up to greet them. So, I thought I would take matters into my own hands with the Dremel PawControl.

I know many people are in the same boat as me when it comes to trimming their pets nails, and I wanted to share what worked for me, along with some tips to make sure that the experience for your pet is as stress free as possible.

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Pet grooming kit - How to trim your dog's nails


The Dremel PawControl nail grinder is an easier, much more efficient way to trim your pet's nails than using clippers. Unlike it's counterpart, when using the PawControl your pet would end up with smooth rounded nails every single time. They're excellent for large and thick nails that are hard to clip
Dremel PawControl - Pet grooming kit
| DREMEL PawControl - Pet Grooming Kit |
The Dremel Pet Grooming Kit comes equipped with everything you need to start trimming your pet's nails. However, before you even show this tool to your pet, keep in mind that this can be a long process to get your pet fully used to.

Every pet is different, some dogs don't mind the experience much, but for others, the experience might be terrifying. And that's why I put together these simple steps on how to reduce stress when trimming your pet's nails:


Again, every dog is different. The sound might not be a problem for your pet and that's awesome, you can go to the next step. For our Louie, the sound of the PawControl was scary. Even though I held his treats in one hand and the PawControl on it's lowest setting in the other, he simply ran away.
I sat there on the sofa, the PawControl still running and the bowl with its treats by the side. Louie came back after about five minutes. I enticed him a little bit more, he finally jumped into my lap and I started giving him the treats.
That was the end of our first session.

This should turn into a routine, doing the exact same thing every single day ... while everyone's exact routine might vary a tiny bit, for me and Louie it was with the PawControl turned on and treats at hand. Eventually, they'll get used to the sound and correlate it with a good experience. (Treats!)

How to trim your pet's nails


Louie didn't give me any trouble with this. He didn't mind me touching his paws, but if your dog doesn't like it, you need to train them.

Once they are used to the sound of the PawControl, you can start gently grabbing their paws, rewarding them every single time they allow you to do so.

All this training takes time. Don't rush it! It took Louie a little over a month to be OK with the sound of the PawControl, even though it was a daily routine for the two of us.

The sound doesn't scare him anymore, but it's still an annoying sound. It's like for us humans, hearing the sound someone makes while using something like a jackhammer per say. 😣


Giving your pet treats makes this training a rewarding experience in their eyes. I always use one small piece of a treat and divide it into many pea-size pieces. Reward your pet as often as you want during the entire process, just be careful to not over-feed!
Training treats for dogs during nail trimming


Now that your pet is comfortable with the sound, and the handling of their paws, it's time to start the grooming. However, make that first session brief.
Hold their paw firmly and bring it to the PawControl running at its lowest setting.  Do a quick trim on only one nail.
How to get your pet used to get its nails trimmed
Trimming the nails is in fact the easiest part thanks to the Dremel PawControl. I love the nail guard attachment with the 45-degree angle paw guide. It does everything for you!

You can check this video I made of the entire PawControl set up and also a little bit of the -In-training mode- with Louie:

Dremel Pet Grooming Nail Guard EZ Lock Mandrel


To minimize the risk of causing any harm or discomfort to your pet, be sure to spend no longer than about 3 seconds on a nail without letting it cool off. Too much time at once can overheat the nail and cause pain. Also be sure to not apply any extra pressure onto the rotating disk. The speed of the PawControl alone should file down the nail just fine.
How to easily trim your pet's nails
Continue using the PawControl and make it a routine, one nail at a time, until you dog gets used to it.
Dremel Pet grooming nail guard

If you have a Dremel rotary tool, you might only need to buy the Dremel Pet Grooming Nail Guard kit with four grooming discs and EZ Lock Mandrel, which is compatible with most Dremels.
Dremel Pet Grooming Nail Guard
| DREMEL Pet Grooming Nail Guard Kit |
Well guys, Louie not only got his nails trimmed, but I also took him for full grooming, getting rid of what we like to call his winter coat! With his new hair, I think he looks so cute and he is oh so soft as well.
Cristina Garay and her Yorkie - Dremel Pet grooming kit
Look at the difference!
how to trim dog's nails with Dremel PawControl

Yorkshire Terrier -Louie- and Dremel PawControl Pet grooming kit

And hey, it's time for you and your beloved pet to give the DREMEL PawControl a try!


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    1. Definitely! Though, I've never used clippers. :)

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  3. YAY Dremel! I would love to have this ~ Thanks for the chance!

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