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A TV Wall & Make-Up Vanity

Function and practicality were the most important factors when designing the TV wall in my sister's small bedroom.

If you're new here, let me tell you that I'm in Colombia S.A. visiting my family and in between outings and lots of laughs, I decided to surprise one of my sisters with a bedroom makeover.

You can check my previous post right HERE, where I talked about the entire plan for this room.

Today, it's all about bringing change to the wall opposite the bed. From the closet to the curtains on the right.
Given that the TV had to stay (one of my sister's few requests), We, her son, and I, decided to design a TV wall to serve a couple more functions.
We emptied out the room, patched holes, and cracks, and painted the room white, except for the accent wall that was given a dark gray-blueish color.

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The first item to make it into this room was this cute lighting fixture.

I bought it here in Bogota, at HomeCenter, a replica of Home Depot. Well, they have lots more decorative items than HD.

They also have a huge building/materials area as you can see below. There, we got some 1 x pine material and a few melamine boards for a couple of DIY  projects going to this room makeover.

After taking down the T.V. a few inches from the previous install, we installed simple wooden shelves, utilizing the 1 x pine material and metal shelf brackets. Oh, and a strong drill was also needed to drive those screws into that concrete wall.

My nephew used a hand router to round up those sharp corners of the pine. Then, they were sanded and painted white.
| 1 x pine material | Metal Brackets | Drill |

Again, the TV was hung a bit lower than before, and the mirror stayed in the room, but we utilized it to create a make-up vanity area on that side.

They look really nice. Then the styling started! :D
I found this chair at HomeCenter and it was love at first sight. All those colors/flowers on its back are gorgeous. I also like that it serves a dual purpose, it's the chair that she's going to use to sit and apply her make-up, but it's also a chair her kids can bring further away to give her company while watching TV.

Remember that we ditched that bulky chair they had close to the door.
| Floral Desk Chair |

Some clear accessories on the vanity make it less visually cluttered.

The picture below shows you how nicely the TV cable was brought down the concrete wall inside a plastic canal that was also painted the same color as the wall. They already come with double-sided tape to attach them to the wall.
The ironing board is staying in the room! ;)
A simple wall hook installed on that window wall was all we needed.
Once we hung the curtains, the hook and ironing board were hidden from view! 👍 I got those curtains at Ikea.
Well, my friends, this's how this room is taking shape. This side of the room got the TV, storage shelves that fill that wall, a make-up vanity and we even found storage for that ironing board!

My next post is all about the other DIY project we completed, a set of nightstands. Stay tuned!!

UPDATE to all the projects done in this room:

*This post contains affiliate links.

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