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Mercedes-Benz Stadium Tour

field level

Hey there!
Las Monday I was happy to be back in Atlanta, as part of the tool review program for the Home Depot. It's always fun to come for a few days to hang out with blogging friends, all while learning, enjoying the city and getting to try lots of new tools.
This time around, one of the highlights of the program was taking the tour of this magnificent building, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home of the Atlanta Falcons!

Well guys, The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the most sustainable sports venue in the world. The stadium can power
10 Atlanta Falcons games or 13 Atlanta United matches with the renewable energy generated through its 4,000 solar pv panels.

It also has the capacity to store over 2,000,000 gallons of storm water on site, helping prevent flooding in neighboring areas.

This picture below was our first stop, getting to the interior of the stadium, and WOW!! It really is a work of art.
The Mercedes-Benz Stadium has a seating capacity of 71,000 for Falcons games and it's expandable to seat over 80,000 for special events. It's cost: $1.5 billion.
field level

The Mercedes-Benz Stadium retractable roof has eight moving panels or petals as they call them, that weight 500 tons each.
retractable roof
The Halo Board, is the largest video board in professional sports, with 63,000 square feet of 360-degree HD video screen to view live action, highlights and iso-cameras.
The opening and closing motion is supposed to look like a camera shutter.
The halo board


The Falcons use this facility only 10 times/games a year, one of the reason this space wasn't smelly at all.
The carpet says Falcons, they don't share this locker room with any other team. The only exception... Super Bowl.
The lockers
 There are 10 television screens all around the room.
The lockers
 All the lockers have special compartments to store the players gear and or necessities.
Freeman locker - helmet, shoulder pads, chair

Each locker has a lock box to keep their personal items secure. And there's a chair that can support a 200 lb person.
Falcons lockers
The other locker room is a little less opulent, but definitely comfy and well equipped.
The cityscape can be seen through the plastic panels in the picture below.
 Looking the other way, the stadium in all its splendor.
view from up the deck
Mercedes-Benz stadium is setting new standards for luxury, comfort and convenience at every event.
This luxurious area will be reserved only for club seat holders in the first 35 rows from the field.

 The clubs feature unprecedented access to on-field patio arenas, lounge seating, private bars and restrooms and fine stadium cuisine options everywhere.
 This picture below is outside the Delta Sky360 Club
view from outside the Delta Sky360 club.
 The view outside the Delta Sky 360.
View from the Delta Sky360

Wall sign - Mercedes-Benz stadium
The kinetic wall art at the stadium: "A Million Times 120 by Humans 1982" is something really cool!
All those little lines are in constant movement, forming nice designs and from time to time, well, they give the time!
Mercedes-Benz Stadium wall art clock

wall sign inside stadium
Our second part of the trip was spent at the 11-acre green space, The Home Depot Backyard.  the space dedicated to host a variety of programs, also serving as parking area and tailgating area on event days. But this time, it was the place where all the Home Depot tool vendors where located and waiting for us to go and try all those new tools.
Home Depot Backyard sign at Mercedes Benz Stadium - Picnic tables

However, I'm saving that part of the program for an upcoming post. Stay tuned!

Have you visited the Mercedes-Benz Stadium yet?
view inside the stadium

Check this small video while there:

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