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10 Decorating Ideas to Steal from a Hotel Room

This might have happened to you too. 

You get into a nice hotel room and see something that makes you think to yourself... Ha, I can do that at home!

Well, it happened to me again last week during my stay at the Atlanta Loews Hotel.

I got into that hotel room, and even though I had to run out of there to get to my first meeting that day, that didn't stop me from taking some quick pics at this pretty hotel room.

While checking out these pictures over the weekend,
I thought about sharing them, as well as giving you some ideas you could take from this hotel room to bring into your own apartment or home to provide it with that same luxurious look:

Make sure your curtains hit the floor

Bringing the curtains from the floor up would make the ceiling look higher.

Create an accent wall.

Removable wallpapers can easily highlight that vital wall in your room.

Don't skimp on lighting.

Make sure you layer your lighting sources. There are so many possibilities to choose from for any kind of budget. 

You want overhead, wall, tabletop, and floor lighting options.

Add moldings

Change a narrow baseboard for a thicker one, add board and batten or wainscoting, or, like in this room, add a simple but exquisite crown molding.

I really liked this crown molding for two reasons: it looks super cool and appears to be a straightforward install... Contrary to slanted molding, this one lays flat at the top of the wall. No need to worry about angle cuts. ;)

I would use lattice in three different widths, installing the widest first.
desk area in modern room

Combine multiple textures

Add texture with a rug or textiles. Here, the texture and design of the carpet really tie the room together.

Overall, it's a good idea to mix it up. 

Pair silky curtains with a chunky carpet, a soft throw with textured pillows or bedspread, or glass, wooden or metal objects to give your space a collected vibe.

Create different spaces within a room.

A corner of your room can be used as an office or sitting room. 

Set your space according to your own needs.

Invest in large-scale art.

Oversized art is a defining and luxurious element, especially in a small room.

Keep it cozy

Pamper yourself with suitable quality materials, a soft set of sheets, or a large, plush headboard.

Stick to a tight color palette.

You can use any color you like but try to keep a tight color palette to prevent the room from looking chaotic.

Choose statement furniture that fills the room.

Extra points for double-duty pieces.

And hey, keep clutter at bay!!

Well, that's it, for now, have an adorable week!


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  1. Great tips and I am loving the decor they had in your room. That rug looked great and thanks for sharing the tips. I'm thinking sconces may be right up my alley in the dining room now.

  2. What great takeaways from a hotel room! Smart girl!

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