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A Visit to Lucketts Is Always Fun!

Hi my friends,

Popping up today real quick with a small post packed with lots of Spring inspiration.

Yesterday my son had an appointment that had been booked for quite some time for some important medical tests he's going through.  I have never opened up about his condition, but luckily it is nothing major, he's doing well. However, throughout the years we both had spent a good amount of time going to doctors offices around the area. So, yesterday we were at it once again, nothing different.

Well, nothing different, except that this appointment was
further away from our home or regular doctors. We had to go to Virginia early in the morning.

Sure enough, we departed early, heading towards the ferry to cross to the other side of the Potomac river. But, almost at the last stretch of the road before getting to the ferry, we saw the signs... The ferry was closed for the day. 😒
oh oh, the detour took forever and we ended up with lots of traffic and being late! :(

Anyway, we made it and I had to fill a good amount of forms while my son was being tested. We spent there almost three hours!

However, the highlight of the day, at least for me, came on our way back home when we stopped at the Lucketts store. And these are the few pictures I took with my phone before it run out of battery.
I always find so much inspiration here! Builds that I can replicate like the X-table or long bench in the above picture.

These open shelves have always been a favorite with those big corbels. Oh, and right there you see those birch wood place-sets. I bought one set, like four or five sheets. I'm still thinking how to use them. $21 for the set.
 It was a sunny day and this room was just happiness. It looked like spring had sprung!
 This side with the mirror and black urns filled with greens was majestic.
 The sideboard on the other side was filled with spring goodies and tableware. I just noticed those pretty prints on the doors.
 Now, who doesn't love this pretty bench...
 with all those awesome pillows on it!
Another room with lots of green in it.
 And this set of curtains look so patriotic, so perfect for a fourth of July celebration. The mirror and sofa are spectacular too.
The lower level was still a work in progress, but this storage shelves are always full of fun stuff.
 Beautiful ironstone pieces are a great sight too.
Oh, this mirror was there behind the sofa, I guess it was ready to be hung on that wooden wall. Love it!! those wooden balls all around are 😍😍
Finally, they have these wall tarp -industrial canvas fabric- pieces with famous quotes... This one by Albert Camus it's full of hope! 💓
industrial canvas fabric with famous quote on it

I just want to go back there soon. Having a 16 yo boy in tow was no fun at all. He didn't even want to go inside!! 😠

Are you decorating for Spring already? I'm just about to start! :)

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  1. Still a long winter left to go for us so we can't realistically get too early in spring decor - but I am feeling it closer and closer. When snow is gone it helps - hopefully soon, though it is very cold today.

    We had sunshine and blue skies yesterday and it FELT like spring is just around the corner.

    Wishing your young son good health. Prayers and hope for you.

    1. I thought snow was already gone for us, but it looks like we're going to get a bit more this weekend. Oh well, Spring will eventually arrive! :) And yes, sunshine helps a lot. Stay warm Michele! And thanks so much for your good wishes and prayers. 💓

  2. Love the inspiration in this post! I'm going to use my candlesticks as plant stands!


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