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5 Tips For An Easy & Affordable Valentine's Day Table

Roses and Tulips in Valentines day table

Hi there!

Hard to believe Valentine's day is this week. Ha, and not only that! I haven't done a single project this year for the occasion.     

Well, not that I go all out decorating for Valentines, but I usually do something simple, a mantel display, favor bags, or a craft.

Two weeks ago I was in the garage with a pile of wooden pieces working on a wall art project that turned into a total fail. Luckly,
while at Walmart last week I saw their Valentine's day display and thought... Hey, why not! Let's do a very inexpensive but cutesy tablescape!

Ha, here it is my friends, alongside five simple steps to create a beautiful and very inexpensive table with items you can find at the grocery store:

1. Create a simple yet unique background

You can show your beautiful table top; but if your table isn't that spectacular or if you're already tired of it, then cover it with something unique!

I grabbed a white paper table cover and used a sponge with black paint to make some polka-dots.
Nothing perfect. No measurements, no precise coverage, but it transformed the plain white paper.
You can also use wrapping paper as a table runner or placemats. The possibilities are endless and very affordable with paper... you can make your own designs with the colors you want.
Sponge  |  Table Cover  |
2.  The china

If you're setting a table for two, maybe you want to go a bit more formal or glamorous by dusting your fine china and champagne flutes. However, a Valentine's day table for the entire family would be easier to take care of with paper plates that you can dispose of when the celebration ends.
Same thing for the silverware...  Disposable cutlery has come a long way.  I love this gold plastic flatware with the hammered design, it almost looks like the real deal! ;)

3. It's all in the little details

When setting a table for a big gathering you might want to add name tags. A romantic table might be brought up a notch with candles. For my low budget and cutesy V-day table, I decided to create napkin rings out of card-stock an sticky rhinestones.
Hey, they make my paper napkins look a bit more fancy! :)

4. Flowers

Nothing like flowers to bring that Valentine's day table to a whole new level! Yes, fresh flowers from the grocery store can look really good!

Pink and red table
If fresh flowers are not an option for you, their faux counterpart are a great option too.
Or as I did, mix them up for a fuller look. ;)
faux peonies

The hearts on the plates set the tone for Valentine's day.
Gold plastic silverware

disposable tableware for Valentines day
You can't go wrong with flowers as the centerpiece.
roses and tulips centerpiece

5. Give it some height

Give some movement to the entire setting by creating high and low points. Put a small centerpiece a top a pedestal platter, include tall glasses for the same concept.
polka dots red white and black table for v-day

Red Renanculus in little white pitcher

Cupcake inside paper heart cup

Well guys, this is my easy and very affordable tablescape, And hey clean-up is a cinch! ;)
Red, pink, white and black polka dots V-day table

Feel free to add any other tips you might have down your sleeve in the comments below.

Have a great start to your week,

And Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Looks GREAT! Love the beaded little heart shaped "wreaths" with keys - love!

    How do you get your pictures so bright? I cannot master photography at ALL. I kinda just gave up in frustration.

    1. Thanks so much, Michele! A good way to repurpose those beads. Photography is still a daily battle for me, Photoshop helps a lot, but lately I'm having issues with color... Pictures keep on turning too yellow or too blue-ish. I'm thinking on getting Adobe Lightroom to edit them.

  2. What a lovely little Valentines table! So easy and so cute! I don’t do much for V day anymore but I still think it’s fun to look at all the V day stuff online. I don’t know though I might just do something wuick and easy like this or really I think maybe just the fresh flowers will do the trick!

    1. You can never go wrong with fresh flowers. Yes! That would do the trick. Thanks for stopping by! ❤️

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