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Furnishing and Decorating a Small Office

It's reveal time!

Furnishing and decorating a small office was the task my daughter gave me last year when she was given this empty space (picture below), as her new office.

This was the view as I opened the door... A bunch of chairs alongside the yellow walls, two folding tables, and a few boxes full of publicity material.

Oh, I wanted to get rid of those yellow walls as soon as I set foot in there, but nope. It was a rental space, no damage to the walls was allowed and the boss kinda liked the yellow color because it matched the campaign colors. 😏

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Here's the view from the back of the office and looking at the entrance door.

I got there that first day and took pictures and measurements of the entire space. I also asked my daughter about her priorities and/or needs for this space.

Well, a table/desk for volunteers to do work was at the top of the list, followed closely by storage solutions. There was no place to put/store anything other than the folding tables and floor!

My first project was to install a huge dry-erase calendar board on this wall. Ha, I really wanted to cover those yellow walls! :)

That first day I couldn't finish the calendar install because the tape I used wasn't too strong.

So, I ordered a much better solution, Command picture hanging strips. While they arrived, I also worked on the builds for this space: Three desks/tables and a shelf.

Everything was cut, finished, and semi-assembled at home. When all the pieces were ready, I stacked them in my minivan along with all the other décor elements and headed off to furnish this space.
The first task: Assembling the desks →The legs were put together at home, I only needed to connect all the pieces. A drill/driver, a good bunch of screws, and clamps were the tools for this job.

That first-desk/table went to the back of the room and I immediately started working on the décor above it, I needed a nice looking spot in all the chaos that was going on around the room.

As you notice, my Bosch laser level gave me a huge helping hand while installing all the signs and décor on those walls.  I set it on my tripod and hey there was no need to take measurements of anything.
I spent an entire weekend turning this empty space into a functional office. The first day was spent assembling the furniture and half-sitting the wall décor.
The second day was used to finalize the décor, clean up and take pics.

Well, the following are those pictures:
The dry-erase calendar is not only useful to keep track of important dates and events, but it's in itself wall art, and here it also breaks that sea of yellow. For about $60 of supplies, I think it was a good bang for the buck for this entire office project.
The desk/table is long enough to accommodate a good team.

This is the new view while standing at the entrance door:
That back wall was turned into the snack area. I didn't add the lower-left support to the table for the little fridge to have a leveled surface where to sit.
The campaign signs were the perfect décor element for this area. They were also hung in place with the Command strips.
The folding table was left in place holding the printer (not shown) and the literature that they had to deal with every day.
Close to the door, the shelf is the place to store all the office supplies and campaign paraphernalia and have them ready to go.
Some leftover tiles from the calendar board were used to mount the pictures of the team leaders, another inexpensive way to decorate an empty wall.
Here's a before and after of this office makeover:
And a picture of my daughter in her element. :)
Well, guys, it was a great experience working outside the comforts of my home while giving a helping hand to this awesome girl!

Given that I already had the 2x2 material for the furniture pieces I built and all the tools necessary to work on this entire project, this office makeover was done on a $300 budget.

These are the links to some of the products I used the most as well as the tutorials for the projects done during this makeover:

tools of the trade
|       Bosch Laser Level       |       DeWalt Drill       |       Command Strips       |       Gaffer's Tape       |

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Wow! That was a great transformation on such a tight budget! It is too bad they wouldn't let you paint the walls but you managed to bring it together!

    1. Oh Debbie, it's a hard-on-the-eyes color, the big calendar was a good cover up. :) The budget was low because I had lots of materials and the tools, that's why I always call them an investment. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!

  2. Another amazing transformation -- you are one talented woman!

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