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Favorite Flashlights & Happy Halloween!

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front porch decorated for Halloween with pumpkins and spooky items

Hi guys!

Are you all set for Halloween?  Well, I am!

I don't decorate much for Halloween, and as a matter of fact, the older the kids get, the less Halloween decor I use.

The only thing I have ready for Halloween is candy! :D  I have a good stash to give the trick-or-treaters when they start coming.

This beautiful home belongs to my friend and neighbor Gail. She goes all out for Halloween!

spooky Halloween decorations on porch
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Her house is the spookiest house on the block and on Halloween night, with the lights and creepy sounds she adds is even better!   BOO!

red patio set with firepit decorated for Fall
Patio Set with Firepit  |  Patio Umbrella  |  String lights

Besides handing out some candy to the trick-or-treaters, you'll probably find me here, on the patio, enjoying a glowing fire with a hot apple cider in hand. ;)
Ryobi volume inflator used to turn on firepit
RYOBI 18-Volt High Power Volume Inflator

By the way, the mister is finally setting the fire pit! The thing is, he's not an outdoorsy guy, he doesn't know what camping is, 😄 and he had never set a fire before!  However, as soon as I brought the Ryobi Power Inflator to blow air to boost and speed up the fire, he was like hey, I want to try that!

Well, guess what, if my son's not here, the mister is the one in charge of setting the firepit each time we go out there. ;)

This power inflator is one of my latest favorite tools, of course, you can use it to inflate AND deflate mattresses and pool toys, the air output is very strong, and you're gonna fill those items within seconds.

Besides that, I'm also using it in the garage to clean up the dust from the workbench.

The fact that it works with the Ryobi One batteries and right now is on sale for under $20 makes it a great buy!

red metal patio set with firepit on floating deck

Now, the topic for today's post is flashlights, and if you've been one of my regular readers you might know that Mr. RLC is crazy about flashlights. He keeps one flashlight on his night table, another in the car, another in the bag he brings to work and I'm not kidding you if I tell you he keeps a flashlight in every room.

The other day we were getting things ready for an evening on the patio when he came out with some of his flashlight collection. I just laughed and asked him why he was bringing those flashlights? He said he was going to test and compare his favorites.

Ridgid power light cannon in backyard wit pumpkin planter
RIDGID GEN5X 18-Volt Dual-Power Light Cannon  | 
RIDGID 18-Volt HYPER Lithion-Ion High Capacity Battery Pack 5.0Ah

This, RIDGID Dual power light cannon is not only his favorite but it's mine too. This thing is bright. 2,500-Lumens! At night time, it illuminated our entire backyard and even our neighbor's yard!

It has so many great features:
  • The head swivels 180 degrees to direct light where it's needed. 
  • Dual power-adjustable brightness spotlight. 
  • On lower settings, it can run up to 30 hours on a single 5Ah battery charge. 
  • It has an adapter to be mounted on a tripod for overhead use or to get the light where you need it. 
  • It can be plugged into a 12-Volt car adapter.
  • Paired up with a 5.0 battery for best run time.
Husky unbreakable flashlight 500 and 165 lumens on firepit and close to pumpkin
Husky 500 Lumen Virtually Unbreakable Aluminum Flash Light
Husky  165 Lumen LED Virtually Unbreakable Aluminum Flash Light

His other favorites are the Husky Virtually Unbreakable Aluminum Flash Lights 165 and 500 Lumens. These are the ones he uses around the house.
  • They're rated 1 m waterproof and 30 ft. shock-resistant.
  • The tail button switches between high/low/strobe mode easily.
backyard with a guy with Husky flashlight illuminating the trees.

The Husky 500 Lumen flashlight is the one he was using there (above pic), in the backyard a couple days ago.

Well, I didn't take pictures the night he brought the flashlights out, I was just having fun looking at him admiring his favorites. :)

But, last week, I asked him to try the flashlights there in the garage so, we can get a better comparison.
Ha, he was glad to go into action!

I also included the one I like the most, which I keep on my desk: The Milwaukee 100L Pen Light. It's so thin and small, it's exactly like a pen with a metal pocket clip.
  • 30 m beam distance.
  • 100-Lumen TRUEVIEW high definition output.
  • Protective rubber bite zone.
  • Impact and corrosion resistance.
And well, below you can see the difference between all of them:
Flashlights being compared in light inside dark garage.

All the flashlights were pointed at the ceiling and no editing was done to the pics.
Look at the giant beam from the Ridgid, that's massive! It's even better than the fluorescent light the garage has.

The Husky brands did very well too, even though the Lumens are way down.

Now, the one that surprised me the most was Milwaukee, for its small size it projected a big beam on the ceiling.

Well, any of these flashlights will be a great acquisition. It all depends on your needs!

When ready to get a flashlight, compare these key factors besides price:

  • Light output - Lumens
  • Beam distance
  • Battery type and run time
  • Size and weight
  • Impact resistance (meters)
Happy Halloween! 

p.s. hey, don't forget to carry a flashlight while trick-or-treating! 🎃 

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Enjoy what you read today?



  1. I love your neighbor's house and the creepy music is a good idea. Your fire pit seating area looks so cozy!

    1. Oh, you should add the music and creepy talking to yours too, it's insane! :D Thanks for stopping by, Jen!

  2. I love your fire pit area! We keep a flashlight in each room, too! We lost power last night and it's still not back this morning. The Town said to prepare for the possibility of a few days without power. Hence, flashlights in every room!

    1. Guerrina, I'm so sorry to hear you lost power, I hope it doesn't take that long to be restored! :( I guess I need to stop bugging the mister about having a flashlight obsession. They are indeed a necessity in situations like the one you're now dealing with.
      Hugs to you my friend!

  3. Love your neighbors house and all your cool gadgets!

  4. Wow! You guys are serious about your flashlights! I won’t tell you that all I have is a bug light and my phone...

    1. I like to bug him for keeping so many flashlights around the house! I usually use my phone, but there's been situations where I'm working late at night finishing a project and the telephone is not enough. So, I need to go and grab one of the flashlights from his collection. :D

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