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Tool Organization - Four Simple Ways

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Remodelando la Casa garage with Ryobi power tools.

Hi friends,

A year ago I gave my garage a needed clean up and well, I'm glad to report I've kept it clean and organized most of the time.

The first part of this year was a busy one finishing all the trim in the living room and then heading outside to work on the backyard floating deck, and as usual, the garage got very disorganized. But that final week before heading out on vacation I prettied it up once again and organized all the tools.
-Hey, I'm already missing my working space or working on some of my projects! :(

So, I thought this was a good opportunity to share with you how to keep the tools organized, and these are my favorite ways:

1.  Pegboard.

Yep, the pegboard is what holds most of my tools. It holds a lot! And I even have space to accommodate some more tools in the future. ;)

The pegboard's the space for all my power tools, hand tools, clamps, rulers, etc. You can easily track if one of your tools is missing because of the empty space on the board.

2. The Storage Workbench

Many of the tools I can't accommodate in the pegboard come here to the workbench. The old miter saw, sanders, cases full of small tools as well as tool bags, more about these later in the post, they all sit here on the workbench.

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garage organization - How to keep the tools organized
Brushless Belt Sander  |  Ryobi Trim Router  |  DeWalt Radio  |  Husky Rolling System Toolbox
3. Rolling System Tool Box

The rolling system toolbox is what keeps my garage AND my home organized! This is a piece that holds a lot, and you can bring it just about anywhere you want.
Before having this rolling toolbox I had to bring the tools from the garage to the room I was working on, one by one. But the worst part was at the end of a project, all the tools ended up in a pile in the laundry room, waiting to be taken to the garage. Not anymore!

I decided to store in this rolling system all the tools I use the most when working inside the home. If I need a hammer, I know there's one there. A measuring tape, pry bar, level, drill...

The tools I have there, stay there all the time, especially when working in the garage because I have a duplicate of them in the pegboard or workbench.

tools on wheels - garage organization - Cristina Garay carrying rolling tool box

I like that while working on a project I have all the tools I need right at hand. Don't you hate running a hundred times to your shop to get one more tool you need! Now I have everything right at hand. ;)

This rolling cart features an interlocking system that allows you to customize the way you transport your tools and accessories.

The system consists of three pieces: A rolling cart, toolbox, and small parts organizer.
rolling system cart

The rolling cart features big wheels and a strong handle.

Husky rolling system cart for storing tools - #thdprospective

Inside, these are the tools I have;

tool organization
The mid-tool box features a flat-lit surface that doubles as a work surface. Pretty convenient when you don't want to carry the whole thing.

how to keep tools organized.

It comes with a removable tray. And this is what I have in mine:
Removable tray:

how to organize tools and supplies in the garage

The deep pro organizer features 12 removable bins that I love! Everything stays in place. :)
These are the things I store in those cute little bins:

three boxes in one for tool storage with Milwaukee tick
Milwaukee Tick Tracker
The great thing about this rolling system is that you can customize it to your own needs. 

As their name implies, these are strong little bags to fill with tools and bring to your job site. However, I used them in a somewhat different way.

I keep them right there, underneath the workbench, they're a little army in itself.

three tool bags by Husky
Husky 15 in. Tool Bag  |  Husky 18 in. All-Purpose Tote
They've been a staple in my tool organization since long ago! They're easy to carry and hold tons of stuff.

Husky tool bags to organize electrical and nail supplies

The way I use them?  One bag - one purpose.

red and black Husky tool bags to store tools
Working Bag                 |              Electrical Bag              |              Brad Nail & Staples Bag

I have three of these Husky tool bags. The first one is the one I call my working bag. That's the tool bag I fill with specific things I'm going to use in the current project. It's still filled with things I used during the construction of the deck, once I get back home I need to empty it.

There's one Electrical Bag that I think doesn't need explanation. I don't like working on electrical projects I send them to the mister. Most of the stuff in there is what he uses the most.

The third tool bag holds all the brad nails and staples. And I usually grab my nailer from the pegboard and put it inside the bag when ready to tackle a project involving those inside the home.

Well, this is, my friends, how I keep my tools and garage organized most of the time!

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  1. Our garage is such a disaster as is my husband's shed. I wish I could organize it for him but I don't know his system. I may just have to make my own and take him for a tour!

    1. Haha that's a good idea, Sheila! Many times they don't even have a system, so I'm sure he'll appreciate you taking control. :)

  2. You amaze me! Thanks for the inspiration. One of my projects on the list is to help hubby organize our garage. It's not bad, but it could be better! Happy Summer! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

    1. I think this is one of the places that gets out of control easily. One project, and all the tools are every where! So, yeah, a good system to organize the tools is a necessity. Thanks for stopping by Kathryn!

  3. Your garage looks phenomenal! I can't wait for cooler temps here in Texas - my garage is on my to do list!

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