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My Travels: Puente de Boyaca

monument in Colombia to the battlefield to gain independence

Hey there,

My last post was about our trip to Nubsa, Boyaca. You can read more about that right here. This post is the follow up trip,when on our way back to Bogota we stopped at Puente de Boyaca, which is the site of the final battle for Colombian independence from the Spanish back in 1819.

It was right here in this beautiful country site where the Battle of Boyaca happened, commanded by Simon Bolivar, the decisive figure of independence for five countries in South America.

monument in Colombia to the battlefield to gain independence

It's hard to believe that this tranquil space was one of Colombia's most important battle fields.

"Place where the wooden bridge existed on The Boyaca River, today Teatinos River, forced passage way in that time of the Real Road that communicated  Tunja with Santa Fe de Bogota, capital of the Vice-Royalty of the New Granada. Its construction dates back to 1939 as a bond of friendship between Spain and Colombia; this bridge has a Spanish architectural style.
Most important monument of the battle of Boyaca Bridge, where the Patriotic Army sealed the victory over the Real Troops."

The bridge is located at the lowest part of the site.

The Flame of Freedom is located to one side of the bridge.

statue to General Santander in Puente de Boyaca

On the other side there is a monument to Gen. Santander, another important figure in Colombia's independence.

Claudia Herran and Luz Elena Herran

Here, my sisters coming down the way.
green fields with the monument at the highest point.

Close by, at this place highest point, you can see the monument to Simon Bolivar.

Colombia's independence site Puente de Boyaca and Monument to Bolivar

Its figure rests a top the shoulders of five women that symbolize the five Bolivarian republics.

This is a little video I recorded while my visit there.

site of the decisive battle where Colombia gained independence from Spain.

Nowadays, Puente de Boyaca is such a restful and beautiful space!

All last week I traveled a totally different way... To Colombia's Atlantic Coast. Stay tuned for beautiful pics and history of two great cities full of energy and warmth.

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  1. My son had the privilege of traveling to Colombia and stayed in Bogota for 4 days last year. He came back and immediately asked his supervisor how he would get a transfer there! He was so impressed with the people, the architecture and being a 'super foodie' particularly the diversity and freshness of food. Sounds like a lovely place.

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