Potting Bench Makeover

green potting bench with flower market sign and lots of terra cotta pots and watering cans on it.

Hi friends,

I'm so glad the weekend is here! What a week, no wait, what a month I had!

I've been a busy bee finishing all the big and little details for my Patio Style Challenge, and let me tell you, it's DONE!  :D
The full reveal is this coming week. I can't wait to share it with all of you. :)

As I said, it was a crazy week and that's why I've been so absent, there was no time to sit down to upload pics or write posts, well, 'til now.

slanted yard with a wooden retaining wall in a square shape - back to woods

This is how the backyard looked a couple of months ago when I started changing things. One look at the far end of the yard and what stood there was the potting bench I made three years ago. Wow, time flies!

wooden playset transformation

Three years ago I decided to convert what was left of the kids playset into a potting bench. Ha, I ended up with two potting benches. You can read the details of how that transformation happened right HERE.

wooden potting benches with lots of pots and watering cans on it.

This is how I styled it at that time.

how to clean wood that's been outside in the elements.

Those three years under the elements have taken a toll on it. The wood was dirty, lots of mold and mildew. But in general, the benches were strong and sound.

cleaning wood outdoors with a scrub brush and gloves and water with soap and Clorox

So, I decided to cleaned them up and try to incorporate them into my new patio design.

This job was just plain and simple: Lots of elbow grease. :/
Regular soap, Clorox and water was the cleaning solution I used. Armed with a scrubbing brush, gloves and my garden boots I fought all those years of neglect.

a set of potting benches got a needed clean up

This is how they looked after the deep cleaning. ---> Still sad. :(

two potting benches get two coats of paint

But, nothing that paint couldn't fix! Mr. RLC helped me bring them to the garage, and there, I gave them two coats of  BEHR - Exterior Semi-Gloss Fennell Seed.

gorgeous color for outdoor furniture

potting benches with flower market sign

I also added some boards on the back, and painted that flower market sign.

green potting benches with lots of pots, watering cans, flowers and lights
Step Stool  |  
 I'm now loving my new outdoor working space. Paint sure works wonders!

flowers in a glass jar, terra cotta pots, market sign in potting bench
Blue Terra Cotta Bowl  |  Terra Cotta Pots  |  

I brought back some of the old pots, bought a few more, added some accessories and of course, got some flowers to style these pretties.

green painted potting benches with terracotta pots
Galvanized Lighted Star  |  Metal Star String Lights  |  

I'm loving the brighter look, all the pots and tools kinda pop against it. The wood feels soft, it's easier to clean it than when it was bare wood.

Check out the big reveal right HERE!

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  1. Love the potting bench! I'm going to paint mine that same color!

    1. Thanks Bettyann! I love that color, very neutral. I liked that's paint & primer in one.

  2. My dad recently built me a new potting bench because my old one was worn out! I love having a dedicated space where I can get messy! How did you run electricity to yours? I like it painted! Hmmmm...

  3. Love the new look! It truly is amazing what a litttle elbow grease and paint can do. I'd love to have one of these in my back yard. As always, what an inspiration you are! Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to more of your fabulous new backyard. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  4. Love that you re-purposed the play set. It looks great!

  5. Your potting benches look great after the cleaning and painting. I know you feel inspired to do creative gardening things when you walk outdoors and look at those wonderful potting benches.


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