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DIY - Wooden Barn Quilt

Pieces of wood cut and put together to form a quilt for Christmas decor

Hi friends,

I kept myself busy working on my dining room project all week. The ceiling is done, crown molding done. I'm almost ready to paint the entire thing. I need to get the pics from my phone to share the progress with you. That would be soon.

For now, I'm gonna share this little project I managed to tackled in between all the major things going on. I can't wait to start decorating for Christmas, and this quilt is the one to go a top my fireplace in the family room.

red and white quilt designs with stars, snowflakes and squares and triangles displayed on shop
The idea of the wooden quilt came after looking at this picture a few days ago. Well, I stumbled upon this web site, where they were having a red and white quilt show. If you love quilts, you should visit them, they have lots of beautiful quilt designs.

Red and white's going to be my Christmas theme this year, so, I just had to choose an easy design for this project, because I was going to use all those remnant pieces of ¼" plywood I used in the dining room.

graph paper with the design of a star or snowflake quilt design, No 2 pencil and wooden ruler

The design was sketched on paper, and these are the materials you'll need:
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  • 1 - 33" x 33" piece of  ¼" Plywood material for the back.
  • 12' Screen Bead for the frame.
  • 3" Squares and Triangles as stated in the above picture (¼" plywood material).
  • Wood glue.
  • Red and white paint.
  • Clamps
  • Sanding sponge
  • Saw, Miter Saw

The first step was to cut 3" strips out of ¼" plywood.
Ryobi miter saw for cutting squares and triangles for wooden quilt
Miter Saw
I stacked four of those strips to make things go faster while cutting the squares and triangles. A wooden stopper on the miter saw was another way to skip the continuous measuring.

Ryobi miter saw used to cut square pieces of wood

It also worked for the triangles, the angled cut was the only change.

quarter inch plywood cut into three inch squares and triangles

All those little squares and triangles were cut in a matter of minutes.

roller painting with chalk paint wooden quilt

I used a sanding sponge to smooth out all those sides before painting all the pieces.

red and white christmas decor - wall decor

Once they were dry, the puzzle was put together. Keeping the pieces within the clamped frame.

gorilla glue used to set wooden quilt pieces onto the board.

After aligning the entire thing, I began to glue the pieces onto the ¼" backer.

red and white star or snowflake design quilt for Christmas decor

little squares of wood forming a quilt

I decided to stain the frame to give it some contrast, then, it was also glued onto the backer board.
The frame is a very small molding I had in my stash, since it's also ¼" deep, it sits flush with all the design.

Wall Art wooden quilt - star design - snowflake design

I see little gaps that bother the perfectionist in me. But hey, overall I like it. I'm now debating the idea of distressing it a little bit or maybe not.

What do you think?
red and white wooden barn quilt made out of ¼" plywood material

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  1. I love the look of the individual pieces and the fact that you were able to make use of scrap wood is a bonus. I have a barn quilt on my barn but it is a design painted on plywood so not the individual parts like yours. I love the design that you chose and two color quilts are my favorites but especially the red and white ones. Very nice.

    1. Thanks Lorri! Those scrap pieces are multiplying, gotta come up with something else to keep them at bay. Painted designs are very popular, I think a stencil would be easier than trying to tape the design. Well, cutting the pieces for the design was easier than painting it IMO. I've been there, done that. :)

  2. Oh, you know I love quilts! And one of my fav color combinations is red and white. Wow, this is just beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Brenda! I'm decorating with red this Christmas because of my son, It's also his favorite color.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! Love it Cristina, and the wor?! Impeccable!

  4. That looks just lovely! Just this morning I was looking online at barn quilts to see what people use to paint on. I wasn't thinking of doing pieces, just painting a board (which is better for outside). But I really like the look of separate pieces that you achieved, so maybe will do that too! We have a really nice quilt shop just three doors down from my store, so I'm thinking of barn quilts for next summer!

    1. Oh Julie, this and more intricate designs would be a piece of cake with your woodworking skills! I remember painting a tray with geometric designs that resembled a quilt, it took me way longer to finish. I had to wait for the paint to dry, and even though it was dry, it peeled off when taping the other side of the design. I also like the look of the separate pieces. Now, for outdoors, yep, this is not good.

  5. Love your barn quilt.

  6. Wow, Cristina! It's beautiful and I love easy you made this project look. Oh my, simply gorgeous piece and it's looks beautiful in your home. I need to get me more power tools so I can make these amazing piece.

  7. Wow oh wow! That is fabulous and is there anything you can't build?

  8. Scrap wood projects are hands down my favorite! Such a pretty pattern and love the contrast. Beautiful as always.

  9. Another WOW moment from the wonderful world of Christina! This piece is fabulous in its own right, but I must tell you how it also touched my heart in a special way. My mom is now in assisted living suffering from Alzheimer's. Back in the day, she LOVED pretty quilts better than chocolate. I can remember taking her to quilt shops just to browse. She would look for hours. Now, she doesn't remember so much, but I do. And as I'm refinishing my family room, I'd LOVE to recreate one of her quilts into a work of art. I hope you don't mind if I borrow your sweet idea. It will be a wonderful way to honor both of you! Thanks so much for sharing! Happiest of Holidays to you and yours. XOXO ~~Susie from The Chelsea Project

  10. I'm RRRRRUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNIIIINNNNNGGGGG to the garage right this minute! This is the one! Thanks so much!!!

    1. Hehe I'm so glad to hear you got inspired! Have fun building it! <3

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