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Sweater Pumpkins - DIY Creative Team

a white sweater is transformed into a bunch of little pumpkins

Hello friends,

It's that time again! Time to share the work that we, the DIY Creative Team have done since our previous project right here.

If you're new around these parts, welcome! Each month four crazy DIY'ers get together to share a themed project that can be just about anything DIY related.

This month's theme: PUMPKINS

At the end of this post you can see and visit each of the cute pumpkin projects my friends have created. So, let me tell you how I ended up with the big bunch of sweater pumpkins you saw in the above pic. ;)

Well, I got exactly seven pumpkins out of an old, little white sweater I had. Talk about using your resources to the max! Even, little remnant pieces were used as leaves. ;)

Fall decor, sweater into pumpkins, scissors, brown buttons

The hoodie made the biggest pumpkin, the front and back part made two medium pumpkins and out of the sleeves I got the remaining four.

rubber bands, materials to create sweater pumpkins

So, besides the sweater, I also used pumpkin stems that I'd been saving since last year, pieces of wood, rubber bands, Poly-Fil, coiled wire, and a hot glue gun.

They were very easy to create and hey, NO SEWING involved. ;)

how to make sweater pumpkins

For the big pumpkins the Poly-Fil was placed on top of the piece of sweater and then brought into a ball. The top was tied off with a rubber band after inserting the wooden stick/stem.
Cut off all you can of the extra cuff.

rubber band, poly fil, stems, white jute rope

Four little pumpkins were done with the sleeves.  Turn each piece of sleeve inside out and tie a rubber band on an unfinished end, turn the sleeve right side out and fill it with a big handful of Poly-Fil. 
Secure the other end with a little rubber band or piece of string.

Using scissors I trimmed all I could from the extra cuff and then using hot glue, I pushed all that extra thing down.
The final touch was to hot glue three pieces of white jute rope using only a dot of glue on the bottom and top of the pumpkin and pulling a bit the jute to create the creases of the pumpkin.

Cutest sweater peak a boo pumpkins with real stems
The easiest set of pumpkins were the ones done with the lower part of the sleeves since they already had a finished edge. After closing the pumpkin with the rubber band, I simple turned the sleeve over and they were done! The little stems were inserted in the little opening. 
The stems in the other little pumpkins were hot glued in place.

The last part was to pretty up the big pumpkins with the coiled wire. The curly tendrils are easy to create using a pencil.

a stash of white sweater pumpkins on wooden tray

I decided to leave the buttons on that one pumpkin, hmm... why not. :)

how to make a sweater pumpkin

And added some burlap and sweater leaves to all the big pumpkins.

blue bench with pumpkins crate display of sweater pumpkins - barn wood background with chalkboard with arrow
Step Stool
I was so happy with my stash, I created a little display close to the pumpkin patch. :)

pumpkin pat - orange votives, pine cones, chalkboard

I love their texture and how different they look, even though, they all came from the same little sweater!

acorns, orange candle votive, green bench, real pumpkin stems

old bench

If you happen to have an old white sweater this might be a good, easy project for you this Fall. Give it a try!

And please stop by to see the cute and creative pumpkin ideas my friends are also sharing. Click on the links below to take you to each project.

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  1. These are adorable! I'm off to find a few sweaters!!

  2. You always amaze me with how you can come up with a project that costs zero dollars! You should have your own HGTV show on frugal crafts. Love this!

    1. Oh Brenda, You're a sweetie! One can only wish. :D But, that's right, I almost always try to work with what I have.
      Happy to be teaming up with you, Cassie and Susan on this "mini workshops"!

  3. how cute are the little wire curlies!!! so fun! adorable, cristina!

  4. Soooo cute! Now I need to save pumpkin stems from this year!

    1. haha, that's right Vel! next year's Fall decorating starts now! :D

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Daniela! I have to be clear, the idea is not mine, it's all over Pinterest, I just gave it my own spin. ;) Thanks for visiting!

  6. OH MY! These are so beautiful! Great upcycle of the sweaters and super cute pumpkins!

  7. These are adorable! But I would expect no less from you! Love it!

  8. These are so lovely. I love the different style you created. I am pinning for sure.

  9. Your pumpkins turned out great will be pinning for sure. Hopeful I have an old sweater around too.

  10. These are adorable! It would be a good thrift store project. I'm also really impressed you had the foresight to save pumpkin stems for a whole year!


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