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Change is Coming to the Living Room

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. It's finally beginning to feel like Fall around these parts, we had good amounts of sun and high midday temperatures, but the mornings and evenings are getting to get chilly. I like it like that! :)

As the title of this post states, change is coming to my living room and also to my dining room. And
I think they are not going to be the only ones...

Because, As soon as I open the front door this is what greets you...

Yep, a big splash of golden oak! :D
Golden oak all the way up the steps and around the entire first level. But, as much as I hate that reddish color on the steps and floor, that's a project for another time. Eventually, I want to do the same as my friend Beck did here to her stairs.

Right there and to the left of the steps you can continue straight ahead to the kitchen - in all her morning glory - A very typical breakfast view.

But, let's go back to the main door...  There, to the right is the living room. These pics were taken in early Spring when I was changing the d├ęcor. That telephone sign is already gone, sold. As I was emptying the room I decided to take pics that would serve me for future situations, like this one right now.

The shameful thing about the entrance of my house (besides the sock my son strategically placed on the staircase post) is that is BORIIIIING! The only thing I've done here was paint the walls a new color, every five to seven years.

There is no trim, no crown molding, the door opening separating the living and dining is so BLAH. and those baseboards are the tiniest!. :/

I added a bit of trim in the dining room and trimmed the window...

But, the windows in the living room still need a trim.

This little spot by the side of the stairs is my son's little hideout. Boy oh, boy, he loves to sit here to eat his snacks in that one spot...  that ugly chair. I need to get rid of it soon.

Looking to the other side is the powder room. That gallery wall has to go, I liked it, but I'm already tired of it.

But hey, let's go again to the living room...
My first thought was to convert that room into my office. I don't have a designated office, and this room is barely used. I've been working a lot in the dining room, another room that's only used on special occasions.

However, after lots of time spent here, I came to the conclusion that it would be weird to have two tables next to each other - the dining room table, the other a desk-  (above pic).
So, I think the best bet is to convert the dining room into an office with a big table that can double as a dining room table on special occasions.

And keeping the adjacent living room as it is. Well, giving it more detail with trim.

I went ahead and created some bad computer graphics of what I'm considering. The above pic would be with the addition of vertical 1 x 2 pieces of wood to that big wall.

Or how about a grid? I'm leaning toward this one a bit more.

What do you think? Any suggestions, or advice? Leave it in the comments below.


UPDATE: Check the reveal of this our LIVING ROOM right HERE.

P.S.  Hey, join me over at Lil' Luna where I'm sharing an easy project for Halloween, that's for sure funnier than dealing with boring rooms!

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Not to be negative, but I think both designs might overwhelm the space. I would go with chair rail and bead board up to the top of the sofa - which I love by the way!

    1. Oh no, thanks! I like your input. As I said, those graphics are bad, too much contrast, and the grid "planks" are huge. :D If I go with any of those designs the colors on the wall and trim are going to be the same.
      If I install chair rail, it has to be done almost the same way as it was done on the hall leading to the kitchen. The thing is, it'll be completely covered by the sofa and I'll be ending up with the same problem:a huge wall above the sofa to fill up.

  2. You will LOVE the stairway change and it will look amazing in your entry!!!! Personally it would be the very first change you make because it will be such a dramatic change and it really will move you to keep working towards your vision!!! I love mine and makes the "butternut oak" a tiny bit more tolerable...for!

    1. I love what you did to yours, Beck! The first thing I want to tackle is the office, It would be awesome to move off from the sofa in the family room. :D I hope to finish all this changes before the end of this year, but I'm a slow poke. I'll see.

  3. I kind of agree that the vertical boards, or the grid may be too much... unless there is little or no color contrast. I also think the whole board and batten look may have peaked. I think your projects are amazing and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

    1. Thanks so much Janes12734! It would be no color contrast if I decide to install any of those designs. I'm trying to find a way to fill up that big wall. That round sign -Wall art- was big, but it looked small on that wall.

  4. I prefer the first one with vertical boards. The grid design draws the eye to the wall and not the couch nor light and it makes your couch look tiny. See if you can redo the graphics with the wall and trim colours the same. (Just use a fine line with dark grey outline if possible)

    1. Hehe I'm going to find similar ideas and share them on a follow up post because my artistic renderings are so crappy! :) I've seen lots of rooms with the vertical boards and I like how subtle that treatment looks. Awesome to have your point of view, Julie!

  5. I love the grid, Cristina. Another idea that popped into my head was shelves on the back wall kind of like Laura's at Finding Home could incorporate the sofa into the whole wall. Does that make sense?

  6. I go for grid too, and with your talent, I know any change you make will be smashing!

  7. exciting! we use our dining room as an office/homeschool room 99% of the time and have it available for special occasion really well for us!

  8. Love the grids for the room. I'm transforming my formal living room into a more usable space and its just a hassle since its the room you see right as you enter. Good luck with your transformation!

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