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Timeless Black, White and Gold in Home Decor

Hi Friends,

I hope you've had a wonderful Easter weekend. I did enjoy it with my family at home.
It was almost an eventful weekend, and I said almost, because I'm sad, and a bit worried that my computer went down. :(
Something got burned inside of it, there were no flames, just a bit of smoke coming out.
I'm of course, disappointed because it's a fairly new pc, only nine months old, a Hewlett Packard - Pavilion pc that I was not thinking on replacing for at least another year or two. I'm afraid some pictures I have in there might be lost. For now, I'm using my son's pc which incidentally is the same brand and model. I'm crossing my fingers for this one, or the ones my daughter and husband have, to experience the same fate, since they're all the same.

Oh well, on a more positive note I have to say to all of you: THANK YOU so much for all the kind comments over on the Spring home tour last week. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and for always giving positive and constructive messages.

I visited each of the homes on the line up, and WOW, what a feast! Home after home, they were gorgeous all dolled up for Spring.

When you think of a Spring home, you might expect a white and mostly pastel decor. However, what really caught my eye this time was the black, white and gold color combo! Yeah, I wouldn't call that a spring palette, is more, as the title of this post states, a timeless combination. But, the following homes sported this color combo so amazingly well that that's what I wanted to feature this time. The timeless black, white and gold with spring touches.

Julia's home is a feast to the eye, she added touches of blush pink and green to bring Spring to her gorgeous home.

Jenna's home is bold. And fun. And I love that she's not afraid to mix bold patterns like you see here, in her dining room.

A black wall in Kris' home office is the perfect background for a beautiful gallery. How cute is that lion head holding the bouquet!

Sophistication is the word that comes to my mind when touring Kristin's home. I'm loving the built-ins lined with black.

Small black and gold touches are once again the feature I spotted while touring Mallory's home. This time they were paired up with the white and blue from the ginger jars.

Monica just painted this dark wall in her bedroom, and I'm loving it! It gives the room such a glamorous look!

Barbara gave her kitchen a beautiful makeover and I love it! Oh my, I'm also drooling all over this beautiful piece that she painted. Of course, black!

The drapes, the feature wall, the table... Andrea's dining room beautifully combines the three colors.

Color is written all around Jennifer's home, and in such a wonderful way! And hey, she also knows how to throw in good splashes of black and gold. :)

The breakfast room was the one in the Debbie's gorgeous home to get this treatment. ;) pretty!

I love Kelly's botanical gallery in her foyer, you have to go visit her to see how she made it all by herself.

Last but not least, our sweet host, Marty has been adding touches of black throughout her home. The black paired up with the white and her beloved gold pieces couldn't look any better!

a collection of beautiful room decorated in Black, white and gold

What do you think? Is this timeless style gaining popularity as a new trend?  or has it always been here?!

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  1. I loved all the black and white that I saw on the tours, so pretty and it is amazing how such a simple color combination looked so elegant in each home with the different styles and addition of a touch of color. The 2016 Spring Home Tours were really amazing. Thanks for the shout out.

    1. You're so right, Marty, So elegant! Thanks so much for being such a courteous hostess and for all the work you always put to bring these beautiful Home tour series!

  2. Your PC may have a warranty even if you didn't purchase the extended, because it is less than 9 months old. Hopefully it does. xoxo Su

    1. Thanks so much, Su! We're talking to Costco, which is the place where we bought it from. They sent us to talk to HP, who wants us to send the pc over to try to fix it. This afternoon they're going to give us more details.
      So, yeah, I think you're totally right. :) Have a great week!

  3. Love the features but the tale of your computer sent me into a panic attack! My work desk top is my son's high school computer....he graduated 10 years ago. My laptop is his college computer...8 years old. And my accountant has informed me if I don't upgrade my Quickbooks 99, she will no longer do my I had to actual BUY a new computer so I could run is sitting on my office floor...has been for over a week now. So you can imagine what the thought of LOSING EVERYTHING on any computer does to my mental!!! Best of luck with that...

  4. I love the black and white look. This look is great in a large room because the black is such a strong color. I know this can be done in a small room, but looks great in a large room for sure.

  5. Black, white and gold is probably my favorite color combo. Love these!

  6. What a great round up Cristina! Such classic, bold colors. Never tire of it.

  7. Yup, i totally agree - it's a classy combination :)
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  8. Gorgeous inspiration pictures! Glad you had a good Easter....sorry for your computer. HP really builds crappy computers. We have had 2 and should of learned after the first one not to buy the second.

  9. Stunning roundup of talented Ladies. Bold, and vibrant colors just make me happy!
    Thank you for sharing this inspiration with us at Thoughts Of Home On Thursday!

  10. I like your article. So many style decisions here! I love geometrical forms. They look clean and ordered.

  11. LOVE all the rooms here Cristina! Great round-up!

  12. Black and white decorations are my favorite! Some people say that is too minimalist but as we all see your pictures it could be cozy and lovely. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Gold & black had always been a classy combination. Unfortunately, furniture with golden elements is still very expensive. Some say brass is a good replacement for gold, but the difference is quite obvious. Besides, brass tend to wear off quite fast. So all we can do is paint our walls black, buy some fake golden iPhone or table and pretend we are living the rich men's world. :)
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