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Hewlett Packard - Pavillion - PC Troubles and A Solution

Hi friends,

It's been a full week since my last post, I ended up taking Spring break alongside my kids, and it felt really good! :)

So, while in the middle of Spring break, I tried to find a solution to my computer problem. As you might remember from my previous post, my pc went cuckoo.  I was using it when the low battery sign appeared; but it didn't even give me time to go and plug it in, it shut down.
It didn't turn on after being plugged in to charge. :/

After going through the basic troubleshooting steps: properly connected, power in the outlet, battery well-positioned, etc... Nothing worked! :(

So, I removed the battery and put it back again... And that's when some smoke started to come out of it. It had turned my poor computer into a smoker.  Scary.  :s

We bought this and three more of the same computers (Hewlett Packard Pavilion) nine months ago over at Costco. When we (I said us, but it's Mr. RLC who took charge of this problem), talked to Costco services, they direct us to their concierge department, there, the concierge department also directed us to Hewlett Packard. In general, the three of them were not very helpful, pointing out that the three-month guarantee had expired long ago for a full refund.

Anyways, the communication with HP was bad, it was hard to listen to what they were proposing. So, within minutes of the conversation, the mister told them he didn't want to talk to them any longer, after all, the computers were not bought from them. It was Costco the company we trusted when we bought the four pcs.

We went back to talk to Costco (and not the concierge service, since they're NOT a part of Costco)   they played the "transfer" game, sending us to each of their departments.
Our explanation of what had happened to the pc was given to a myriad of people who kept sending us to another person and then another... Until FINALLY, reaching the general manager who immediately said: Bring it over for a full refund.

We went to the store to return it but had no idea how to take the files out, especially the pictures. We didn't want to open the pc without their consent.

Well, the pc had to come home with us to get those pics out. Here, once again, Mr. RLC was the one that saved the day. All the pics and files were OK.  Ahhhhh big happy face  :)
The pc was returned last Thursday... Case Closed!

Now, I'm on the lookout for a new pc and that's not exactly for me.
I'm going to start using my daughter's pc. Yeah, the same HP.  Since I keep it at home most of the time, I don't mind that it's heavy, but she really needs a light pc that she can bring in her backpack to her classes on campus.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated. We're now looking at the Lenovo Yoga 900 13 (aff.), which has good reviews for being fast, lightweight, quiet, and having a good battery life. It would be great to look at other options before ordering one.

Well, that's it. It turned out to be a happy ending, but not without a bit of a headache.
The biggest downfall in this situation, at least for me: Costco.  We've been members for 15 years or longer, and this is the first time we had trouble returning one product we bought from them after such a short time of usage. It looks like they're now outsourcing many of their services and the customer service is getting to be really BAD.

I'm just crossing my fingers not to see smoke coming out from any of the other three PCs, wish me lots of LUCK!

Enjoy what you read today?  



  1. I don't try to work-out my computer troubles, not as brave as you dear. Good luck!

    1. Oh Vel, I hate going through this kind of situations and no, brave I am not. The mister was the one who had to spend countless hours on the phone, being tossed from one side to the other, I think he's the brave one. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sometimes the creakiest wheel just gets the grease! I bought a 15 inch Toshiba last fall for less than $500. What I like is that it has backlit keys so you can use it at night without having a lamp on. Good luck!

    1. That's exactly what's happening, though it shouldn't be like that. A $800/900 pc should be good for more than a year within normal use. If the product is defective, it should be replaced.
      The backlit sounds like something I might like too, so many features to look for!

  3. I has similar issues with Best Buy recently, even though I bought the full warranty when I bought the computer less than a year ago! It's so sad that customer service has gotten so bad for major companies. :( I too fought it and ultimately did get the lap top replaced, but I just didn't feel I should have to jump through so many hoops to do so!

    1. Ha, you bought the full warranty and they still gave you trouble? That's upsetting! As I said, it shouldn't be like that. Yeah, they're putting all those hoops to brush people off, that way the customer is the one who carries the cost. As with most things these days, is just numbers!

  4. daughter is a freshman engineering student. She insisted she need the Lenovo Pro something or the other. Got it for her for Christmas at Best extended warranty. It fell off her bed 4 months after purchase and shoved a USB plug into the computer...Best Buy sent it in and they repaired it at no cost. I was very impressed with the service and she LOVES her computer. Very light weight and easy for her to carry to class! For me personally, my money is on an Apple laptop...VERY different from a PC but I am still using the one my son used in college...8 years old and still works like a charm and not one annoying pop up or bug...knock on wood! Took some getting use to after using a PC all these years, but I do love it! So there are two options...neither cheap though! As I mentioned earlier, I had to buy a newer PC for my work computer just so I can run the new Quickbook program...week 4 of it sitting on my desk to be hooked up...I HATE switching computers.....

  5. BTW, Best Buy has the "price match" program...I paid $900 before Christmas for the computer initially...watched the store ads and went back for a "price adjustment" 3 times...ended up paying $600 for it ;)

    1. Hmmm Great info, Beck! The prices from Amazon are way higher than the ones at Best Buy. Gotta go to Best Buy and take a look at them.

  6. Wow, what experience with this laptop... I hope that mine will stay clean and workable for long time. I have to buy some computer stand because when I put it on my upholstery it's getting really hot.

  7. HP copy-pastes MacBook's appearance, but from the inside their laptops are total crap. That is why they have long been banned from the high tech's garden of eden...

  8. Oh, that was unlucky, or should I say HP-normality.. Sorry but I would definitely look out for some Lenovo or Mac, especially when it comes to work. For example, my company Maple Cross Gardeners started using Lenovo for the past 4 months and the difference is.. amazing. Hope that everything is ok now and good luck.

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