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Demilune Transformation

Pink roses in white pitcher, white beadboard, pearls

We were already on our way out from the flea market.

It was the last flea market of the year...

The cold day, plus the lack of vendors and customers was not a good combination.

Almost empty-handed, we took the last turn before getting to the parking lot, and that's when I spotted this little fella.

 I loved its lines...

But, as soon as I grabbed it, I felt bad for the poor little thing. :(

It moved back and forth like a rocking chair!
dark green little table in need of love

And you know that's bad when we're talking about a table.  :/

I didn't ask how much it cost. My expression said it all.

And that's why, I guess, the seller immediately asked for two dollars.

Well, I brought it home to fix it or maybe to use it for something else. It was hung on the wall in the garage and I forgot about it, until last week when I began organizing the big mess I had in there.

I was picking wood pieces from the floor and organizing the tools and stuff. Then, I had to move stuff from the wall and -hello! there she was.

Where to put it?  Yeah, inside but first, let's fix it!

Loose legs on table

The feet had been attached with nails and all of them were loose.

parts of a demilune table ready to be fixed

This was the easiest disassembling job ever. The legs were loose too.

How to remove dried glue from loose table legs

The first task was to clean it and remove the dried glue.

sanding belts

The DREMEL with the little sanding band attachment made this, a super easy job.

irwin clamps holding table's feet

The feet were re-attached, this time I used screws instead of nails after a heavy dose of wood glue.
The legs were attached with wood glue after cleaning very well all the residue of dried glue on the ends and holes.

demilune table, green color

Oh, before assembling, I gave the two boards a good sanding.

distressing little table

After waiting 24 hours for the glue to dry, the table was painted with ASCP - Florence. Sometimes it looks green, other times blue, it all depends on the light.
I gave it a light distressing before applying clear wax.

shabby chic decor - Cottage style

Then, it was time to play. :)

Shabby chic bedroom decor - nightstand demilune table

I went for a shabby chic look.

beadboard, white floors, floral wallpaper, thread balls on white books

Let's pretend she's sitting by the side of the bed of this quaint cottage...

distressed legs and feet of demilune table painted ascp florence

Beadboard, wallpaper, and of course...

pink roses in white pitcher, white floor, white pearls in saucer on table

Beautiful roses add to its charm.

lower shelf of demilune table, three legs, blue green color

Oh well, I'm loving it! It's a nice dose of color on these grey days.

pink roses in white pitcher, pearls, petals on table, floral wallpaper and beadboard

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. LOVE the little table....I wish more people would learn to deconstruct and glue and clamp...can not tell you how many trim nails and wood screws I have removed from pieces that others had attempted to repair. And silicone...seriously, what is up with THAT!!! LOL

    1. Thanks Beck! If there's someone that has seen it all, it has to be you with all the transformations you've tackled!

  2. Cristina this is just a wonderful story about a cute little table finally finding a loving home. The color is perfection. I'd love for you to link this gem up on Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

    1. Thanks Laura! Heading over to inspire and be inspired!

  3. You had me at quaint favorite and yes this would be perfect in my little dream cottage! Love that you took the time to take it apart and relove it back to life. Just beautiful!

    1. That's what the table made me envisioned, Christy... A quaint little cottage! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  4. $2.00?! It turned out so pretty with that paint on it. It does look like you worked a lot of magic but I'd love to have that table in my house. Love that wallpaper behind it too.

    I'm so glad you linked this with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)

    1. Thanks Stacey! The wallpaper was another thrifty find $1 per roll, I have no idea of its name or manufacturer.

  5. So, so pretty! Amazing what a little TLC can do for unloved furniture.

  6. How beautiful that piece turned out. The color is lovely as well. I so enjoy seeing your new creations.

  7. Awwww! She's beautiful! Love the color!

  8. Your table turned out beautifully!!!! All your hard work really shows! And you found the perfect spot for it.

  9. Great wwork! I love your beauty table! The roses are just amazing!
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  10. You worked your magic and the color is divine!
    I love demilune tables.
    They are the little table that could.

    Thank you for joining our 2nd Thoughts of Home on Thursday party!

    *pinning to our TOHOT board.

  11. Gorgeous color choice. Love Florence and Duck Egg... xoxo Su

  12. It turned out perfect!. Love it. Have a great weekend!

  13. Cute little table. I bet it almost got thrown out before getting to you, now it's worth much more than $2!

  14. You have the perfect eye for decorating and finding the best prices! Love this sweet table and oh the color...
    Thank you for sharing your time and talents with us on Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  15. That little table is wonderful. I have a cute little table I was thinking about painting. With your inspiration, I going to just do it

  16. Very good :)

  17. What a find and way to go on that lovely color choice and finish Cristina!

  18. Looks like brand new! Love the new colour

  19. Que linda transformaciĆ³n de esa mesita , adore ese colorido

  20. WOW! You really brought this sweet table back to life!!! I always think that the more broken the better the makeover and this is a perfect example of that! Well done and great color choice! you styled the photos so pretty! If you are at all interested in joining in on one more link party, I host Making Broken Beautiful every Thursday thru Sunday. It is a furniture and home decor party and I would be so happy to host your talents! I hope you have a great weekend!
    Making Broken Beautiful

  21. Love how you transformed the table Cristina, and the!

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