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Unlock Hidden Storage - Display

Lately I've been obsessed with wall niches. 

My fascination goes from the very small wall niche that serves as simple display, to those that are more intentional and we can use for storage or maybe both -storage and display.

Sometimes the layout of the room creates that perfect space, other times they have to be planned.

They can be used anywhere in a home and they bring great architectural detail to a room.

The following images are a small sample of the many possibilities!


Via Remodelista - Marcia Prentice-Photographer

Via Houzz

Really, what's not to love about them!

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  1. These are great ideas. I would love to create shelves in the walls because I know that is wasted space and I can use the shelf space. LOL,

  2. Love all these inspirations, but yours is my fave of curse! ;-)


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