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A Few of my Favorite Things

Happy Monday everyone!

Are you excited about Thanksgiving this week? I am!

Last Friday evening I was helping my sister-in-law setting up the Thanksgiving table and adding some other decor around her house. We're going to be celebrating there on Thursday and then on Saturday we're heading out to begin our Christmas shopping.


For us it all starts on Saturday, not Friday. A tinsy-bit less crowded and we're a lot more rested. ;)

Last week I was also making my Christmas list. How about you? Is your list ready?

Not a problem.

I'm so glad you're here today because I am teaming up with a group of bloggers brought together by Sarah - Thrifty Decor Chick, to share our favorite things, which means lots of proven good ideas to add to your Christmas list!
If you're coming from Nest of Posies, welcome!

I couldn't put together a list without a tool or a couple of tools on it.  A few years ago I could've laughed at the mere mention of a tool on my wish list. But ever since I bought the Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System and found out how easy it was to build furniture with it, I got hooked.

It was the first tool I bought for myself.


My very first project when I began renovating the kitchen was done using the Kreg Jig, since then, the projects have grown and gotten more complex like the last one in my son's room.
I love this tool so much, that's why is at the top of my list. :)

Lately, the Rockwell BladeRunner X2 has been another of my favorite tools, it's the one that's always plugged and ready to go. This is a small, portable tabletop saw that's very easy and safe to use. It's great for small projects, I have used it a lot to cut shapes out of wood, like in the project HERE and HERE.
It uses blades like the ones in a jig saw, and it works pretty much like a jig saw with the benefit of having both hands to guide the wood through the blade, no need for clamps.
It's not a precise saw, it's a great tool for a hobbyist.
I also love that besides wood you can use it to cut metal, tile, aluminum and plastic.

Well, you know I get myself into many little wooden projects and I've found out that the easiest way to stain them is by using Thompson's Traditional Brown Waterseal Exterior wood Spray Stain I love this color and most of all, how easy it is to apply the stain!
In my last project, the wooden planters for my front porch, I sprayed one coat of stain, then, using a rag, I wiped it off. It's not necessary to wipe off the excess, but I wanted to have a light color.
It's supposed to be for outdoor projects, but I love it so much I've been using it for indoor projects too, like the one HERE and HERE.

This next item was on my wish list for a very long time and this year I finally got it.
Have you seen a little improvement in my pictures?
I'm pretty sure it's because I'm now using the Cannon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM lens.
It makes a huge difference.

Fleece Leggings - During last year's Christmas shopping I found fleece leggings at Boscov's and decided to give them a try, yeah, it was my first time trying leggings lined with fleece. I only bought a pair, huge mistake!

I kept on wearing them for most of the winter. I went back to buy some more but couldn't find them any longer.
Next weekend I'm going to stock up on them.
You can dress them up, as in the above picture, or down as I did most of the time. :)

In my opinion, nothing beats having all of your dates/schedules on paper.
In the past I only used my cell for this, then one day my phone died and I was left with NOTHING!  -Insert sad/whatI'mgoingtodo emoticon here-
I began using this, the Mom's 18 month planner and I'm loving it! I carry it wherever I go and it's been easier than using the phone.

My daughter was the one who introduced me to this next item, the Lush - WHOOSH Shower Jelly. She's always had a thing for textures and this jelly is so whoosh-y and slippery, she has a ball each time she uses it.

However, the thing that got me was the scent, it smells AMAZING!
It has a blend of lemon, lime and grapefruit juices, plus revitalizing rosemary and balancing geranium that drives me crazy in a good way.

If you love a citrus smell this product is just for you!

Continuing within the smelly smells, like a month ago I tried Fragrant Jewel Candles and I was completely sold with their Pumpkin Patch and Autumn Spice fragrances, thy're lovely. Every time I burn these candles the house smells like I am baking a pie. I'm still using them, they're mid way.
But that's not all, each candle has a surprise inside the creamy coconut wax blend: a jewel/ring!

I think they make for a really nice gift. When ordering you get to choose the ring size. You can usually find the ring after three or four hours of burning the candle.

They have a great winter selection too.
Last but not least, my favorite book I've read this year, The Mystery of Lucy and the Dark Woods by author and blogging friend Diana Kosmoski. A book SO good that I literally could not put down until I finished it. Full of twists and turns that keeps you wondering and wanting more! You can read a short recap of what the story is about right HERE.
It is also available through Amazon as a Kindle book right HERE.

Here is my full list you can pin to save for later.

For more ideas make sure to click on the links below to visit my blogging friends and see what's the Stuff they're Loving!
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  1. Ah! Love it! I had no idea there was spray stain…this is blowing my mind. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for joining in Cristina!

  2. Only you would put tools above all else! LOL!!!! I love that shower gel, and anything from LUSH for that matter! :-)

  3. Awesome list Cristina! I have a Kreg jig and love it, too! I don't know what we did without it! I am going to have to check out the Rockwell BladeRunner X2. We could definitely use a tool like that! So fun participating in this blog hop with you!

  4. Cristina!

    LOVE your list of gifts! So awesome - especially that Kreg...I have one too and can't live without it!

    Thank you so much for sharing your favorites! So happy to be a part of this fun series!


  5. I've never heard of the BladeRunner - sounds awesome! We just got a Kreg jig for a project this year and it was such a great purchase!

  6. Wow, Cristina! I was just popping in for a visit and certainly never expected to see my name here! Thank you SOOO much! You are a doll to say that and I am glad you liked the book.
    I have never heard of that shower gel before but I am going to look for it- you had me at Citrus! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks again. You are a doll!!! xo Diana

  7. Qué buena esa lista de regalo ,, a mí me gustaría tener esa cámara fotográfica

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