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Advent Calendar

Clothespins, burlap ribbon, jute rope, chalkboard, calendar

24 little ribbon envelopes for Advent calendar

I've been working as a tiny elf decking the halls of our home, and you know what?  I'm loving it!

All of the decorations...

The extra lights...

How warm the house feels when it's so cold outside.

It's all so exciting!

Today I want to share with you this little project that's so easy you can put it together in less than ten minutes if you have all the materials ready.

wired burlap ribbon and red jingan ribbon

This is what I used:

  • One garland of 24 wooden clothespins 
  • Wired ribbon 7" for each "envelope" (24/25 pieces)
  • Fine point marker

Fold each piece of ribbon to form a little envelope, like in the picture above. I didn't sew or glue them. Each little envelope is going to hold two little pieces of paper so, just like that, they'll hold them pretty well.

Advent calendar ribbon envelopes

Using a fine point Sharpie, the numbers were written on each envelope.

Clothespins, burlap ribbon, jute rope, chalkboard, calendar

I've had this wooden clothespin forever. It was a prize my daughter won at school when she was a little girl and she gifted it to me. I've used it to hold Christmas cards most of the time, but just this year I realized it's supposed to be used as an advent calendar after I counted how many clothespins it had! ;)
Jute rope clothespins garland holding envelopes on chalkboard

You can buy the little wooden pins at a craft store and pass a piece of jute rope through their springs, it's easy.
ribbon envelopes hold by Christmas wooden clothpins

I mount them on a chalkboard and that created the most striking contrast.
Burlap ribbon and checks envelopes on chalkboard

I haven't added the little messages, my kids would pick at them before it's time.
My kids are not little any longer :'(  but they love when I tell them stories of when they were little.
For each day I'm giving them a word, which represents a happy memory I have of them.
After dinner each evening, I'll be there telling, and in many cases, re-telling those beautiful stories that made a mark in our lives.
Chalkboard Advent Calendar - Merry Christmas

I think that's easy too, the stories, they're all in our hearts, we just need to re-tell them.
Do you want to give it a try?
I'd love to hear about other ways you have used or want to use the advent calendar. Let's share them!

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Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Very clever ribbon envelopes! I love that you have chosen to fill them with memories rather than with things!

    1. Thanks Ruth Anne! Little surprises are good for kids too, but this time is just memories.

  2. So cute. It's a little sad when they aren't little anymore. They are fun and funny as grown ups though.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. That's so true, Katie! I missed some of the things we used to do when they were little, though they've been replaced by new stuff. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a fantastic idea Cristina. I love your idea of a word.

  4. Is there a reason the "h" was left out of Christmas on the chalkboard?

    1. Rush, First of all, thanks so much much letting me know of that HUGE mistake! That's so embarrassing. I was so preoccupied at making neat words that I guess I didn't pay attention to the spelling. Ouch, I'm going to fix those pics soon! THX!

  5. Hola Cristina qué bonito calendario de adviento ,, me gusta mucho el aspecto rustico de la arpillera ,,

  6. For a first time this year I am on a diet in December. Which so painful because I love advent calendars with chocolates. So, this looks like an option. Very cute option, actually :) Happy Holidays, darling!


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