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Signs from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Halloween sign

street in harry potty park universal overlooking the dragon

My kids were bugging us to visit Universal Orlando, more specifically they wanted to go to the Harry Potter sections of these parks.
Well, there we were this past August, we all had a great time.
This, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was kind of my favorite. Even though, we experienced a typical Florida thunderstorm which gave us tons of rain,
we still managed to enjoy most of the rides and the magic in this place.

While my kids went on The Escape from Gringotts ride, which by the way, had the longest line...
Entrance door

We went to capture the big dragon from all the angles and waited for the ball of fire that every now and then fires.

However, what I found really fun and interesting were the many signs I spotted all round.

With Halloween around the corner, I think these signs are great inspiration for you to create your own.
Halloween sign
Potions for all Afflictions

Halloween signs
Archibald Bennett Wigs
for Lady Witches and Toupe├ęs
Wigs for Wizards

Harry Potter - Halloween sign - yellow with witch on carpet
Black Carp Co
Taxi Services
Pure Black Persian Carpets
No Place Too Far!

Halloween red sign from Universal - Brews and Stews
Brews and Stews
Fishy Dinners
Establish Upward of 400 Years
Brews and Stews
Clutterbuck Crispe

Harry Potter black and red sign in Universal Orlando
Diagon Alley
Arts Club

Halloween green and yellow sign for clean pets
Fur Friendly
Flea Powder
Keep your pets clean,
happy and healthy!

Magical cures and preventions - Halloween
Fear of Flying Classes
Magical Cures & Preventions

purple sign - Halloween - Diagon Alley
Mr. Mullpepper's
Diagon Alley

Universal Orlando - green sign good for Halloween and Magic
Mrs. Skower's
Magical Mess Remover

Magic world - white and red sign
Haircut & Shave
½ Beard Trim
Moustache Sculptury
Scalp Treatments

Magic Wand sign for Halloween - black - Around the Corner
Wand Repair
Around the Corner

Universal - sign with street lamp
1 Galleon per Reading

glass and gold double E sign
Elixir of Refreshment

black wall with bay window and signs on it
Sleekeazy's Hair Potion Scalp Treatment
Bulman's Ultimate Witch's Hat Liner
New Improved Model
Repels Dark Arts Hexes
Warranted to Delight the Purchaser

Rare creature sticking its tongue out of mouth
A weird creature, but the snake here talks in Parseltongue and English.

sign - carriage with chick beak poking out

I think these were cute too!

decoration ball with circles suspended to wall from scrolls sconce

Magic - Apothecary signs for witches and wizards for Halloween parties

I really want to start creating my own! How about you? Which one is your favorite?

I'm editing this post to let you know that Susan @ Sunflower Hugs just created an image for the Potions Signs.
Displaying POTIONS SIGN.jpg

You can download the graphic right HERE
Thanks so  much, Susan!

For more Halloween ideas check these out:

orange candy containers to use in Halloween

Gallon water bottles respurposed as frankenstein luminaries

black tablescape decorate for halloween with chandelier and ants

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  1. WOW! What a fun trip and thank you for all the photos. Wonderful and no wonder this was a top spot to visit. :)
    ~ Christina

    1. Thanks Christina! It is a great place, so much to see and do!

  2. Just LOVE those signs (I only remember seeing a few when we went a few years back), thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Julie! We stay there for so long, we didn't have enough time to go over many other parts of the park. Maybe next time! ;)

  3. What Perfect timing! I just got my wood ready for a few signs and now I have brand new inspiration. I love the potions and Ollivander signs! I Will definitely be making one of those.

    1. Thanks so much for the printable Susan, you're fast!

  4. I love how you took pictures of the signs Cristina, we love this place!

  5. We are going in December. Now, thanks to your post, I can't wait!

  6. I would love to go to England and visit this place. I am huge fan of Harry Potter and this will be a dream for me...



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