Halloween Table

bottled soda stickers for Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Yesterday I had lots of fun dressing the table for Halloween. As usual, I tried to use items I mostly own, but what sparked that first thought of a Halloween table was this paper runner I found at the clearance section at Target for only 3 bucks.
A chalkboard table runner for you to decorate whichever way you want. I decided to go with an easy spider web design.

Then, I remember the candelabra I got at one of the flea markets ---> swooon, it was quickly placed on the table.

A trip to the 99 cent store was very productive, there I found the drink stickers: Poison, Bats Brew, Zombie Virus and Vampire Blood, all on the menu.

Paper plates on top of my regular white dishes brought in a really nice pattern.

But a pack of ants was what gave the table that icky feel.

They marched all around creating a wavy line...

That ended right on this plate. I knew it! The sweet Zombie Virus. :)

The chairs got their little treatment too.

Spiders, ants, eye balls...

It's going to be a fun Halloween dinner.

And I hope you have a fabulous one too!

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  1. Your table is spooktacular! Great detail.

  2. Very cool. Love the runner and the cobwebs on the chairs.

  3. You always have the best dressed table!!!

  4. You really made this fun for your kids! Love all of your spooky decor!

  5. Love it! Pinning to the Monday Funday board!

  6. Hola Cristina !! Buhhhh que mesa más terrorífica


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