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wicker basket in office closet with chalkboard tag

Last week I spent a huge amount of time in this room, the guest room / office. That first picture is the "office" part.  I'm very happy the old computer has its days counted in this room. We were finally able to get new computers so, in its place a laptop -no tower ;) - is going to occupy that space.
burlap office chair, old window memo board, computer on desk

If you look to the left side of the picture above, you can see there's a door right there. yep. That's the closet door.
                        Let's open it...


Big disappointment.


It's messy in here.  I haven't organized this closet in years! I don't spend much time in this room or office. Blogging doesn't happen here. I come here once a month to pay bills or if I need paper or tape or the heavy duty hole punch.

Ha, as soon as I opened the door I was curious to see what was inside the big cardboard box on top of that 2007-2008 file folder? It looks like Mr. RLC was trying to keep things neat. Inside the box were some pictures, around 15, that his sister sent him. I wonder why he used such a big box?!

The above picture tells me one of my kids was working on an art project and forgot to organize the paper or close the container for the markers. hmmm it always happens. :/

One favorite pet peeve in this household is to hold empty boxes of staff we buy. Those two small boxes have also been in here for years, we never returned the DS's  and there's another one for a phone. And you know what? Our basement is full of empty boxes too. We save them until we're sure the items work properly but then we never remember to go and throw away those boxes!

floppy discs, game control, cd sticker help

However, when I checked up up on the top shelf and found these items, I knew there was no way for us to use them again or to return them! :) Floppy discs. Really?! By this time they must be a collector's item.

Anyhow, I have lots of storage space in here compared to what I used to have. The builder gave us a wire shelf and that was it.

I decided to get rid of that wire shelf and instead five wooden ones were installed. The only problem was, the supports were not the best and it all began to sag with the weight on them.

It was time to change the side supports and add 1 x 2 supports on the back of each shelf, making sure everything was screwed to the studs on the wall.

shelf supports in closet

Ahhhh much better! 
My kids files were the first ones to bring back in. Each school year has its own file with the things I thought were the most important...  Pictures, grades, notes, tests, etc.  So many memories! 
shelves installed in closet

Home papers were transferred to prettier storage solutions. ;)

tax documents stored in dollar bin case container

A thrift store basket is now holding many stacks of paper...

wicker basket in office closet with chalkboard tag

But hey, this post is getting too long. I don't want you to fall asleep with all this cleaning!

I better invite you to stop by to check my next post for the full reveal with way less messy pictures, pinky promise!


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  1. That looks so good now, Cristina. Doesn't that just FEEL good to have that area all cleaned out and organized? I am working on some closet cleaning projects, too. I took a CAR LOAD of "work girl" clothes over to a "back-to-work" program run by the YWCA here. That sure felt good, too! xo Diana

    1. It sure feels good, Diana! For me it was papers, I got rid of tons of papers that were not necessary any longer. How nice, that the clothes are going to be of use to someone else!

  2. Hi Christina! You have been busy and it always feels good to organize something messy, just once in a while though!

    1. Jejeje I know, Rondell! just once in a very long while! :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hola Cristina a,, que bien quedo ese closet tan bien organizado l me encanta la combinación con celeste y blanco que tu usas

  4. Our office closet looks almost the same after the restoration.

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