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plastic containers to store staples, markers, cards, scissors, etc.

In my previous post I showed you how messy my office closet was. How the shelves, that I proudly installed long time ago, were sagging, and how I fixed that problem. Well, at the end of that post, the closet looked like this.

shelves in office closet getting organized

It was beginning to look organized but definitely not pretty. It looked pretty much empty, half of the stuff was still waiting to be placed back on those shelves, but I had another problem! The shelves were not enough or the right space to store all the small items I had. Luckily, a quick trip to the Dollar General was the solution. I was surprised to find such a good variety of storage supplies at such good prices!

home-office organization

I really love LOVE this large fabric storage bin cases! You can choose the colors and designs... and only four dollars!

plastic containers

Well, I brought home this stash for less than $30.  ;)

Dollar General plastic containers

These plastic containers were perfect to store all the small stuff.

wooden shelf to hold containers

However, in order to use the most of my storage space, I build these smaller shelves to stack up these plastic containers. They were really easy to build. I used 1 x 2's for the shelves frames and plywood for the shelves, following the above dimensions.

Office closet organized with Dollar General storage solutions

It all looks SO much better!  Markers, scissors, cards, labels... it all has it's own space.

pencils in plastic bucket from Dollar general

Cute buckets like this one hold pencils, color pencils, pens and crayons.

large fabric bins from dollar general

The large fabric storage bins accommodated very well big amounts of documents. Of course, everything looks better with a tag. ;)

paper trays, fabric bins, plastic containers on shelves in office closet

I also changed the labels on the file folders, color coordinating them by person. The paper trays stayed the same, well, they were organized.

It all fit in here and I still have plenty of space. That lower shelf with the hole punch is the one I try to keep empty because this is a guest room/office space, guests can use that shelf for their storage needs. The same goes for the basket with the paper goods, I can bring the paper to another room and the guest can use the basket for their own storage.

Dollar General storage solutions

I'm so glad I already tackled this project! I can go on vacation mode without worrying about back to school organization, the system is set!

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  1. I love all your little labels and the bright colors!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Que buenos esos contenedores de colores , ideales i y coloridos ,,,

  3. Love those fabric bins too!! great organizing Cristina!

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