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Teacher Appreciation Gifts - From a High Schooler

decorated boxes with pictures and words for teachers gifts

Hi there!

I hope your holiday weekend is been going good, our it's been great!
While we celebrate this Memorial day with friends and family, let's remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Let's take a moment to honor the past, present and future soldiers and their families!

Today's post is a brag post.

Yep, today I'm showcasing none other than my daughter's work.


I didn't plan on doing a post about teacher's appreciation gifts, now that my kids are older, they're the ones who have to find out what to give to their teachers.

And that's exactly what my daughter was doing when I spotted those pretty boxes she had just painted.  There was no way for her to keep me away from taking pictures of them or the little keepsakes she had created.

I think they are so PRETTY!

Pins - Buttons made out of Polymer clay to celebrate the individuality of each teacher

Out of Polymer clay she created these cute pins/buttons for each of her teachers. Each pin was done reflecting each teacher's likes or specific words they used during the year.

pins buttons made out of polymer clay

How to make pins as teacher's presents - pin on back

With the designs all finished, each piece was glazed and pins were glued on the back.

Tea pot pin  with pink box for teacher's gift

The corresponding boxes were beautifully decorated keeping in mind the subject taught by each teacher...
You can notice her ceramics teacher is a southern gal. She loves old rustic tea sets and fancy dresses.
Southern pleasures. ;)

Yellow box decorated for a Science teacher - enviromental

Chapman is all about science... She is my daughter's AP Environmental teacher but she also teaches AP chemistry. This cute cat working with that pink solution definitely is up her alley.
polymer clay pin and box as teacher gift - ceramics

Mr. Youngblood is also a ceramics teacher who is the school track coach. His favorite song of all time is "The eye of the tiger" which, according to my daughter, he plays repetitively before every track meet.

words and book in pin gift for an English teacher

For a big part of the year English was about the SAT and all those weird words the teacher kept on drilling in her students minds. My daughter had Mrs. Jinks for two years and she was always up tight with the kids learning the language and slang. These words here are a few of the most common teen slang today.

paradise scene on pin for a teachers gift

Her Math Teacher always had incredible stories to tell of her latest vacations to tropical paradises, sea winds and blazing suns. This sun set paradise was just her language!

decorated boxes for teacher appreciation gifts

polymer clay pins and decorated boxes for teachers gifts

Ms. Widrick, a mega fan of the Harry Potter series, for this years spring concert conducted the orchestra and bands to play classical and memorable pieces from the Potter movies, her little present reflects it so well.

decorated boxes for teachers

There you have them! Beautiful decorated boxes and keepsakes that tell a little bit of what each teacher shared during the year.

I love them! My favorite is the pink. Gotta ask for one! ;)  Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love the thought and care which went into each and every appreciation gift. I know they will adore them and her!!
    ~ Christina PS Wonderful photos too, thanks!!!

    1. Thanks Christina! I think that's the beauty of hand-made, she put lots of thought into each and every piece and it shows.
      -I'm glad you like the photos ---> I saw the pretty boxes the night before she was giving them away so, I had to take pictures the following morning 6:00 AM before she headed to school! ;)

  2. What a thoughtful and creative daughter you have! Guessing (believing) she had a great role model in you!

  3. I love that she made them so personal for each teacher! That makes something so incredibly special. My favorite is Eye of the Tiger (my favorite workout song! ... from when I used to seriously work out lol. Creative young woman, your daughter!

    1. Ha, that's also a favorite of mine Guerrina! hmmm, I like them all. :)
      She made me laugh with the story of the song, she said he's crazy about that song!

  4. What a fun idea. Creativity runs in your family that's for sure.

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