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Chinatown - Washington D.C.

Chinatown Washington D.C.

Last month I shared pictures from one of our family outings to Washington, D.C. The primary purpose of our trip was the Cherry Blossom Festival, you can read about it HERE, but we planned to stay there for a while and have lunch in Chinatown. We were glad to head out of the Tidal Basin; it was packed.

It was a very long walk from the Jefferson Memorial all the way to Chinatown, but it was a walk we truly enjoyed.

Memorials in washington dc - Spring - cherry blossoms

The flowering trees, the beautiful architecture, the monuments all around, was it a gorgeous day?

After lots and lots of walking, it was easy to notice we had arrived. The big "friendship Archway" was right there in our faces. Yeah, it's gigantic and beautiful!

Looking back at the other side of the arch...Regular buildings except for the Calvary Baptist Church on the left side...
Chinatown neighborhood DC

It was surprising to see how small this neighborhood is!

Once you pass the arch, there are two straight blocks of businesses, mostly restaurants, and that's it.

Chinatown D.C.

We went up and down both sides of the street, looking for a nice place to have lunch.


This red gate was one of the few items I believe fits perfectly here.
Restaurant line in Washington D.C.

We passed by each of these cute townhouses...

Seafood restaurant and Tony Chen

Until we settled here, Seafood Restaurant. The food was good; many people getting in and out made for a freshly cooked meal.

It was sad to see how small this neighborhood has gotten. However, I was glad we didn't have to stroll around much because the long walk back to our parking space awaited us.

Do you have a Chinatown close to you? I remember visiting the ones in New York and Montreal, and this is nothing compared to those. How about the one closest to you?

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  1. What a beautiful place. I haven't been to Washington DC it's really a great place to see for sure

  2. Yo estuve en el xhinatown de Washington pero a mi parecer no hay mejor que el de San Francusco

  3. Pretty neighborhood! I was just in Washington D.C. in March, but only for one day. I was finally able to see Ford's Theater.

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