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DIY - Coastal Placemats

placemats with anchor and rope design

Oh, I'm sooo glad with the superb nice warm weather we're experiencing right now. It makes me dream of the beach, traveling, visiting places and in general, having fun!
Ha that has to wait a bit, we usually take a break in August, when Mr. RLC is on vacation from work.
In the mean time I have to make believe we're living on the waterfront. :)
And the project today is a good example of it.

As most of my projects, this one began with some leftovers from previous projects.

I had these remnants of ¼" plywood that I used on the bookcases in my bedroom.
Using a round placemat I already had, the round shape (15" dia.), was transferred onto the wood. The four pieces of wood were bundled up with tape before cutting out the design with my BladeRunner, you can also use a jigsaw.
how to cut out a circle shape out of wood with a Rockwell BladeRunner

Next, you have to sand, sand and SAND those edges very well before painting or like in my case, stain them. I applied one coat of Rust-Oleum Wood Stain - Driftwood, the same I used on my kitchen table. As soon as I finished applying the stain, it was wiped off with a dry rag. The right picture below shows the difference between the natural and stained placemats.

how to stained placemats with driftwood

Once the stain was dry, the fun part began. I wanted to give them a nautical feel, and thought about giving them a rope border but alas, those were hard to paint. Finally I found this rope border circle clip art, blew it to the size of my placemats and traced two simple lines as shown below.

how to draw a rope border circle around placemats

Then, using a small flat brush I followed those lines with white acrylic paint. It was easy to follow the lines.

How to paint rope border on placemats

The same thing was done in the center, what better than an anchor as a coastal decor.

how to decorate for coastal decor

You don't need to stay perfectly within the lines while painting, if you get a little mistake just distress it. ;)

This is how they looked at the end of the day. The final step is to give them a clear coat of poly.

how to wood work placemats

placemats with anchor and rope design

Having the placemats ready I searched my home for anything Summer or coastal decor I could use on my table...

table decor Royal staffordshire plates and shell napkin ring

Shells, my daughter's handmade little bowl set, the thrifty Royal Staffordshire set, and many bottles...

how to make placemats out of wood with anchor and rope design around.

tablescape with blue bottles, shell centerpiece and anchor placemats

Yeah, they all completed my table!

how to make placemats out of wood

More about this table, my home and lots more of coastal decor is coming on the 
2015 Summer Home Tours 
beginning June 8
I'm so excited about it!
5 days - 30 homes
Tons of inspiration!

bloggers home tours

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  1. Your talented and creativity knows no bounds. Absolutely beautiful, Cris!!!!

  2. How pretty! It is a fabulous idea. Have a great weekend. xxx Maria

  3. Very clever, love the idea of a wood placemat!

  4. What a great idea. Love how they turned out.

  5. What a great idea. Love how they turned out.

  6. What a great idea. Love how they turned out.

  7. Hola Ceistina !! Que bonito te quedaron esos individualue !! Me gusta mucho el look coastal


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