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The Easiest Paper Blossom Branches

How to make a bouquet of paper flowers on branches

Making paper flowers is one of those things that's been on my to do list for a very long time. Every time I see a post where someone has created paper flowers, I go and take a look and save the idea to try it later on.

I guess my fascination with paper flowers began when I was a little girl and witnessed the beautiful creations my mother did. At that time I couldn't even help her, but I was the girl who was proud to bring flowers to my teachers. ;)

Ha, creating the paper flowers per se, is still on my to do list, somehow the idea of cutting lots of little pieces of paper doesn't fit in my mind for more than I love them. That's why as soon as saw these packages of little paper flowers at Michael's I grabbed them to create a bouquet with them.

Michael's stores orange paper flowers

Some of them got trimmed, I wanted to have little buds on the end of the branches. Some of the leaves were also cut and attached randomly along the branches.

 The other thing needed...  Branches.

And hot glue to set the flowers in place.
green and blue vases filled with branches with paper blossoms

I went around the house looking for green vases / bottles, and these are the ones I found.

polka dot paper flower

Don't you love polka-dot flowers? :)

DIY - Bouquet of branches on green vases

I think these are really cute and hey, super easy!

A small Spring vignette to bring happiness to your home.

Michael's stores paper flowers

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  1. Oh Cristina! Those are SOOOO cute. I have never made paper flowers but I feel a crafting spell coming up. I love the polka dot ones and the ones with stripes on them. What a fun, fun thing for Spring! My oldest granddaughter loves to craft. I think we will have to do this for a little tree for her room. xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! This certainly is a good project where big kids can give you a helping hand! Have a beautiful day!

  2. So so adorable, perfect for those of us with hay fever!!! Please come link up at Share Your Style!!

  3. hehehe That's right Debra, no cough, runny nose or itchy eyes with these ones! Thanks for the invite, I'll be there!

  4. This is such a good idea! I love all the blooming branches in the spring but hate the cleanup and spiders that they bring into the house! Love this.

  5. What an imaginative way to use those little flowers, I never would have thought of that! SO sweet! XO

  6. Our trees leaves have not budded yet on the Cdn Prairies so what a great idea for a "if you can't make it fake it" with these cheerful cuties!

  7. Cristina, those are adorable. What a great idea.

  8. Love these flowers, have to grab some soon!

  9. This is a very creative display! Simply branches with flowers cost a lot in the craft store (trust me, I've bought them), and you have managed to find a budget friendly alternative. Thanks for the more buying from the store.

  10. Beautiful! And I love the paper flowers you found. I am looking for paper flowers like that for a Teacher Appreciation Week gift for my son's school, so I guess I need to visit Michaels!


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