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Washington DC - Spring - Cherry Blossoms

Hi Friends,

I, tooa perfectod break from blogging. I really needed it, the kids were out of school, and the hubs also took a break from work, not as a mini-vacation but because of medical reasons. It was better for me to stay away from blogging land to take care of the three of them.

Just yesterday, with things almosreturningck to normality, we went to Washington DC to the Cherry Blossom Festival.

As usual, the center point was the Tidal Basin, with the Jefferson Memorial in the background.

The day was gorgeous! Sunny, not hot, not cold, just perfect! Here with my good companion, posing for the usual shots. :)
Washington D.C.

The blossoms were very "white-i."."

I prefer it when they're more pink than white, however, whatever the color they're always such a good sight, so romantic!

This year, we tried to go on a mini tour heading to Chinatown. The World War II Memorial was the first one on our path.

Hard to miss, the Washington Monument, peaking out from in between the trees.

One of the things I love about Washington, DC, is its architecture. The National Archives Building, with its columns and sculptures featuring the Greek style, is very impressive.

All around, big and small monuments...

With their muted colors, most buildings give the city that classic and elegant style.

The Grand Army of the Republic Memorial in the picture below is an American Civil war memorial.

I love the magnificent doors on this Department of Justice building.

The arches, lamp posts, and general details were so opulent and, at the same time, so well distributed in the building below that I had to stop and admire them.

It was y long way; we went by Constitution Ave., 7th Streetand, Pennsylvania Ave...

And we even crossed the National Mall, not without taking a picture of the Smithsonian castle and riding the merry-go-round in the mall.

We went to Chinatown, ate there, and returned to our initial stop. 

You can check out all about our visit to Chinatown right HERE.


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Enjoy what you read today?



  1. I am glad you were able to take a break but so sorry your hubby has been ill. I hope he is okay now! There is nothing quite like DC in the Spring -although it has been years since I was there. GREAT photos. You look gorgeous! xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! He's feeling way much better and ready to go to work this week. ;)

  2. Cristina, I'm glad you had a good time in DC. We were there this weekend also! However, ours was not the best of cherry blossom celebrations, as I was not feeling well, and the crowds on Saturday for the parade, the races, etc. (not to mention tourists like us!) were just overwhelming, taking some of the joy out of it all. We've gone before, either just before or after the festival weekend, and it was much more enjoyable. However, DC is a beautiful, beautiful place showcasing so much of our melting pot history here in the US, it's truly a marvel to behold.

    1. Oh Rita, I'm so sorry you were not feeling OK! The crowds were big on Sunday but I guess they were bigger on Saturday, yeah, it's not fun. In part, that's why we kept on moving!

  3. SO glad to hear that you hubby is better Cristina! Thank you for sharing your tour with us. I love cherry blossoms and so wish I could grow them here. I have a few cold weather ones but they aren't the same as those nice juicy eating cherries. Great pics my friend!

  4. We need to take that kind of time! Good job and beautiful flowers.

  5. How fun! I'm glad to hear things are getting back to normal and your husband is doing better. The cherry blossoms are beautiful! I love DC and was so surprised my boys loved it so much as well, but they are huge history buffs that watch the military channel for fun. That's completely normal, right?! ;) I've been MIA as well with my blog, but we all need a break sometimes. Hopefully, you got the rest you deserved!

  6. Super fun Cristina! Gorgeous views and gorgeous YOU!

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